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Italy rewards the Madrid model: “Ayuso was the only European politician to seek liberal solutions against the pandemic”

First Spanish to receive this distinction


The Bruno Leoni Institute, a liberal think tank, praises the policies of the President of the Community during the pandemic

Daz Ayuso this Thursday, at the meeting in Arganda with his parliamentary group.IN
  • New course “I aspire to the absolute majority in 2023”
  • Fiscal policy Community of Madrid eliminate all own taxes

The course starts for Isabel Daz Ayuso with a very busy schedule in Madrid and also abroad. After rolling out the next week (meetings with opposition spokespersons, meeting with the new government delegate, a bilateral meeting with Castilla-La Mancha …), the president of the Community has an appointment of etiquette Monday the 13th in Milan. A dinner awaits you with the cream of the city, 300 guests, and the Flame of Freedom award, which the Bruno Leoni Institute has awarded since 2008 to political or intellectual leaders who have worked for personal freedom, according to what he explains by telephone to this newspaper. Alberto Mingardi, the president of this study center located in the capital of Lombarda. Precisely, the city of the Duomo and San Siro was the first major European urban center crushed by the pandemic. A few weeks later, Madrid took over from that sinister league.

His policies were brave, he showed that staying indoors, looking at the Chinese example, was not enough. The difficult balance between health protection and economic activity had to be attempted. She succeeded and the people of Madrid rewarded her in the elections, summarizes with good knowledge of the Mingardi case, the CEO and cofounder of Bruno Leoni. The institute was born in 2003 to promote free market ideas, according to its creation act, and with the intention of contributing to Italian political culture, highlighting the role of freedom and private initiative, fundamental for a prosperous and open society. . This laboratory, what is known among political elites as a think tank, applauds the liberal policies that Ayuso has been applying since the coronavirus captured the heart of the West in March 2020.

Comparison with Milan

Bruno Leoni He was an intellectual, a philosopher of Italian law, and also a man of action, who saved 200 American soldiers in World War II. For this reason, we reward referents that are not only theoretical, but also practical. Daz Ayuso played it to her in very critical moments and now that we come back to life, we want to reward her at our annual gala, which was suspended last year, says Mingardi, a historian and also a columnist in newspapers such as Corriere della Sera. In the transalpine country, the president of Madrid has had her share of prominence in the press and television in recent months. The images of restaurants operating in the Spanish capital or the animation of the terraces drew Italian attention.

In the debate, the comparison between the rhythms that two similar regions (Madrid and Lombarda) have had in population and economic figures. She has been the only political figure in Europe who has sought a liberal response to the pandemic. He tried to maintain social life to the maximum without falling into absurd denials and strengthened the health muscle with the creation of the hospital Zendal, argue from the Bruno Leoni, where they have recognized in previous editions Nobel laureates (Vargas Llosa), international political leaders (Leopoldo Lpez) or human rights activists (the Turkish lawyer Canan Arin).

Madrid example

Covid is not going away for a long time. You have to live with him. And the recipes that we have seen in Madrid are an example, although it is true that there the autonomous regions have more capacities than the Italian regions, explains Mingardi, who also highlights the Ayusian style: It has dismantled the stigma that exists in Europe to say that you are from right. During the toughest phases of the pandemic and, above all, since its important electoral victory in May, requests for interviews or invitations to events abroad have followed one another in Ayuso’s Cabinet. In August, the strict regulations for travel postponed a mini-tour of the United States by the popular leader, with an interview in Bloomberg included (the influential economic channel).

His famous slogan: ‘Come to Madrid to be left alone’ is an extraordinarily liberal message. Hopefully the Italian political class learns from the Madrid model, closes Mingardi.

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