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Italy’s world record unbeaten streak: Azzurri’s unbeaten streak in 37 matches and counting

More than two years have passed since another country was able to beat the Italy team. When it comes to football records, the Italians’ current 37-game undefeated streak is a remarkable feat (the list of all 37 matches is shown below).

The Azzurri are looking to extend that streak as they prepare to host the UEFA Nations League finals in October. The first match will be a semi-final against Spain, number 8 in the ranking, at the Stadio San Siro in Milan on October 6. If they can beat Spain, Italy will be able to play for their second trophy in the span of a few months after winning the Euro. 2021 in July.

According to Opta data, Italy set the new world record for the longest unbeaten streak in international matches with their most recent 5-0 win in World Cup qualification against Lithuania on September 8, beating Brazil, which achieved a 36-game unbeaten streak in the 1990s.

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Longest Unbeaten Streaks in International Soccer

Watch out for Algeria, which is just eight games behind Italy with the second longest active undefeated streak:

  • 37 – Italy (2018-present)
  • 36 – Brazil (1993-1996)
  • 35 – Spain (2007-2009)
  • 31 – Argentina (1991-1993)
  • 30 – France (1994-1996), Italy (1935-1939)
  • 29 – Algeria (2018-present)
  • 2. 3 – West Germany (1978-1981), France (2010-2012)

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Italy’s unbeaten streak record

The Azzurri are in 37 games and counting since their last loss: a 1-0 loss to Portugal on September 10, 2018. The streak includes all senior team matches in all official competitions, including friendlies.

Head coach Roberto Mancini took over the men’s program in May 2018, after Italy failed to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. After going 1-2-2 in his first five games, Mancini has led his country to a world record for consecutive games without losses and an overall record of 28-0-9 in that span (93 goals scored, 12 conceded). . Only six of the 37 games have been of the friendly variety.

Match #DateCompetenceAdversaryOutcome
38October 6, 2021Nations leaguevs SpainTBD
37September 8, 2021Qualifier for the World Cupagainst LithuaniaWin (5-0)
36September 5, 2021Qualifier for the World Cupin SwitzerlandTie (0-0)
35September 2, 2021Qualifier for the World Cupagainst BulgariaDraw (1-1)
3. 4July 11, 2021Euro 2021In EnglandDraw (1-1)
33July 6, 2021Euro 2021vs SpainDraw (1-1)
32July 2, 2021Euro 2021against BelgiumWin (2-1)
31June 26, 2021Euro 2021vs. AustriaWin (2-1)
30June 20, 2021Euro 2021against WalesWin (1-0)
29June 16, 2021Euro 2021vs SwitzerlandWin (3-0)
28June 11, 2021Euro 2021against TurkeyWin (3-0)
27June 4, 2021Sympatheticagainst Czech RepublicWin (4-0)
26May 28, 2021Sympatheticvs. San MarinoWin (7-0)
25March 31, 2021Qualifier for the World Cupin lithuaniaWin (2-0)
24March 28, 2021Qualifier for the World Cupin bulgariaWin (2-0)
2. 3March 25, 2021Qualifier for the World Cupagainst Northern IrelandWin (2-0)
22November 18, 2020Nations leaguein Bosnia and HerzegovinaWin (2-0)
twenty-oneNovember 15, 2020Nations leagueagainst polandWin (2-0)
twentyNovember 11, 2020Sympatheticagainst EstoniaWin (4-0)
19October 14, 2020Nations leagueagainst HollandDraw (1-1)
18October 11, 2020Nations leaguein PolandTie (0-0)
17October 7, 2020Sympatheticvs. MoldovaWin (6-0)
sixteenSeptember 7, 2020Nations leaguein HollandWin (1-0)
fifteenSeptember 4, 2020Nations leagueagainst Bosnia and HerzegovinaDraw (1-1)
14Nov 18, 2019Euro Qualifieragainst ArmeniaWin (9-1)
13Nov 15, 2019Euro Qualifierin Bosnia and HerzegovinaWin (3-0)
12Oct 15, 2019Euro Qualifierin LiechtensteinWin (5-0)
elevenOct 12, 2019Euro Qualifieragainst GreeceWin (2-0)
10Sep 8, 2019Euro QualifierIn finlandWin (2-1)
9September 5, 2019Euro Qualifierin ArmeniaWin (3-1)
8June 11, 2019Euro Qualifieragainst Bosnia and HerzegovinaWin (2-1)
7June 8, 2019Euro Qualifierin GreeceWin (3-0)
6March 26, 2019Euro Qualifieragainst LiechtensteinWin (6-0)
5March 23rd, 2019Euro Qualifieragainst FinlandWin (2-0)
4November 20, 2018Sympatheticagainst the USWin (1-0)
3November 17, 2018Nations leagueagainst PortugalTie (0-0)
2Oct 14, 2018Nations leaguein PolandWin (1-0)
1Oct 10, 2018Sympatheticagainst UkraineDraw (1-1)

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