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It’s not science fiction: robots that can become a threat to humanity

Could robots destroy humanity? the robotic threat has gone from being a common resource of science fiction to a topic that is taken very seriously by international organizations, governments and large universities.

In science fiction, robots can be friendly and helpful machines like C-3PO from Star Wars, but we also find them a bit mean, like Ultron from The Avengers.

It is true that this It has always been valued as science fiction, but now things in the real world could be different. And it is that, currently, the robots that can adapt to the environment, dominate new processes and alter their behavior to solve complex and dynamic tasks.

All this can become a threat to all of us if things go wrong. In this article we will see the 4 most dangerous robots that have the potential to destroy humanity.


In 2016, Hanson Robotics brought the Sophia robot to the world. The humanoid machine is already famous throughout the world for its face-to-face encounters with personalities. However, it is also because of its controversial statements.

Whether it’s the 2016 CNBC interview where the robot Sophia said she would destroy humans or Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show where Sophia stated: “this is a good start for my plan to dominate the human race”, Sophia has shown somewhat suspicious and destructive attitudes.

It may all be a joke, but what if it isn’t?

Adam, Eve and Stan

DARPA was working on AI agents that could interact socially. Mike Sellers, who was working in tech at the time, told the story of how techies taught Agents Adam and Eve how to eat and planted a virtual apple tree near them.

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The two AI agents followed the order and ate all the apples on the tree, then the tree itself, and then the virtual house they had been given. They then turned on Stan, who was also a virtual assistant programmed to be friendly and outgoing.


They create insect robots capable of performing tasks in spaces that are difficult to access


Robot dogs are gaining a lot of traction lately. From manufacturing to border security, one can find robot dogs everywhere. But even adorable things can become destroyers. In an episode called Metalhead, Black Mirror explores killer robot dogs.

Recently, at the Mobile World Congress, two novelties were presented in this field: Spot by Boston Dynamics and the Cyberdog by Xiaomi. They assume that they are very cute, semi-autonomous, easy to control and very useful in various dangerous situations for humans. However, who knows what failures they may experience.

evil bots

Lastly, we have evil bots, a malicious program designed to steal information or infect a host, often used by cybercriminals.

The threat of these automated programs can come in many forms: DDOS, spam, content duplication, etc. It’s not actually a humanoid or a robot dog, but this type of bot is also a threat to the human world.

According to scientists, underestimating the risks posed by intelligent robots would be dangerous, considering how fast the field of Artificial Intelligence is advancing.

There is talk of a control by these, logically non-violent, since machines lack emotions like anger. But if we were to cross their path, it would be as simple as moving away, for them to continue.

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Fortunately, There are still others who take fuel from the matter and doubt that an uprising of intelligent robots is possible.

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