Tuesday, October 19

“It’s the Stain of American Democracy”: Why Washington DC Doesn’t Have the Right to Vote (and How It Fights to Get It)

  • Tamara Gil – @_tamaragil
  • BBC World News

View from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Image source, Getty Images

Looking from the steps that leads to the Lincoln Memorial, with an eye on the impressive obelisk of Washington DC, it is inevitable to think about the history that permeates the place, of the struggle for freedom and civil rights.

This is where Martin Luther King rose up against racial injustice with three powerful words (“I have a dream”) almost six decades ago, claiming to fulfill the “real promises” of democracy.

Today, the same city in which he gave his historic speech and which continues to be a regular center of protests, is considered by many to be the capital of democracy par excellence.

But it is also the city where its residents, half of them African-American, they do not have the right to vote in Congress. Its weight in the Legislature is comparable to that of Puerto Rico, with a voice but no decision-making capacity.


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