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Iván Redondo, the fall of the great guru




The President of the Government is Pedro Sánchez. And no Ivan Redondo. The idea of ​​a puppet president in the hands of his chief of staff, a common talk of the political and journalistic world, has been erased today at a stroke. Sánchez has confirmed what any journalist with a trade in the corridors of La Moncloa and Ferraz already knew: he is the one in charge.

Redondo has been a fundamental person for Sánchez in the last four years. He bet on him when he was out of the general secretariat of the PSOE and since then he has been by his side. When taking it to La Moncloa Sánchez broke clichés and angered a good part of the PSOE and his former collaborators. That permanent tension has been a trend these three years.

His bad relationship with the First Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, was known. Finally the two of the Government leave, in addition to Jose Luis Ábalos. All were the main anchors of the president in his first years of government. His departures leave as Sánchez’s main advisor to Felix Bolaños, which also promotes the Council of Ministers. He leaves the general secretariat of the presidency of the Government and will assume as minister of the presidency the general coordination of the entire Government.

Redondo is attributed, and it is true, some of the decisions that have marked Pedro Sánchez’s access to power. Starting with his conviction that any event had to be taken advantage of to execute a motion of censure that would allow the PSOE to recover as a party from power. He is also credited with the success of the PSC campaign, as the candidate was responsible for repeating. Salvador Illa.

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But there is two large blurs to his credit. The play of the electoral repetition in 2019, convinced that the PSOE would improve results, and the recent electoral campaign in the Community of Madrid. This last campaign raised many blisters in the traditional apparatus of the PSOE. His latest misstep exemplifies what for many has been the cause of his end: a control of government communication that never forgot to focus on him. The management of the “no meeting” between Pedro Sánchez and Joe Biden shed light on this fact.

Despite the fact that Calvo and Ábalos also leave the Government, the march of Redondo, together with the rise of Bolaños, the incorporation of Oscar Lopez, and the integration into the Council of Ministers of four women from the PSOE send a clear message: Sánchez wanted this crisis to serve to strengthen the party as the fundamental axis of its government action. More PSOE and less consultocracy.

“It is a voluntary departure”

Redondo said goodbye with a note in which, he assures, “we will see each other again”: “Sometimes in politics, in business as in life, in addition to knowing how to win, you have to know how to lose, you have to do something much important: knowing how to stop. Thank you so much for everything. It was an honor.

In addition, the former Sánchez chief of staff has stated that his is a “voluntary departure”: “I am very happy, the time has come to rest.”

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