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Ivanka Trump plans how to reinvent herself to maintain power and fortune | People

The bonfire of vanities that is Fifth Avenue was revolutionized last Saturday. Members of the New York police antiterrorist unit sealed the outline of Trump Tower while a legion of the tycoon’s servants – security, assistants, servants, hostesses – lined up in perfect magazine condition at the entrance of the building, in the most fine of the New York avenue, the one of the luxury brands and the dinners with oysters and champagne. The main media in the country had reported hours before the imminent departure of Ivanka Trump from the White House, where her father, the defeated US president, remained, and is still there, locked in the Oval Office. No one knew for sure if the youngest daughter, her husband and Trump’s court advisor, Jared Kushner, and their three children would return to New York or land in some other family possession, but the headquarters of the family empire was abuzz with anticipation, as the locals enjoyed of an afternoon off in the area blinded by the lights of glamor.

A week has passed, and nothing is known of the future that awaits the couple, increasingly uncomfortable in their exclusive circle. According to local media, Javanka –Contraction of Jared and Ivanka, for that economy of English, as Brangelina– They took their three children out of the Jewish school on the outskirts of Washington where they attended, following criticism from the parents of other students of their lax attitude to the coronavirus, once the White House has proven to be a major cluster of cases. The school withdrawal would be, according to some sources, the first sign that the marriage has loosened ties, after having recommended the Republican to stop the tantrum and admit his defeat at the polls, unlocking the transition to the future Democratic Administration.

But the departure of the White House does not imply only a move, but the personal and professional reinvention of Ivanka, 39, a refined and cosmopolitan version of the new rich that has always been her father; intellectual even, with a thin layer of millennial feminist enamel over her financial shark shell. What future awaits you? What will the person who has practically served as first lady for four years do, ahead of Melania? Will you resume your short-lived modeling career, your father’s real estate business; the fashion and accessories company that made him $ 100 million a year, or, as some predict, will prepare to run for the presidential election in 2024? An experience on reality TV fashion, Kardashian-style – and like her father, who had his own reality-, could be another option; also art collecting.

It is true that she is not lacking in tricks, but the animosity of her old circle of friends is the greatest handicap to landing in reality after four years of omnimous power, in which she walked through the Davos Forum and served as an interlocutor in the visits of important foreign leaders to the White House. Friends of yesteryear revolt today against the former first daughter and put her to death, like some members of New York high society, for fear of the ugly oil stain that Trump is today, or her youthful friend Lysandra Ohrstrom, who in a article published in Vanity Fair He presents her as a person obsessed with status and disdainful of all that is inferior.

“Why would you recommend a book about fucking poor people?” Ivanka responded to her partner at the exclusive Chapin girls’ school in New York – which was also attended by Jackie Kennedy Onassis – when she recommended a Pulitzer-winning novel about workers in a small town in Maine. Ohrstrom, who was a bridesmaid at Ivanka’s wedding to Trump’s top Middle East adviser, for whom she converted to Judaism, completes her account with Ivanka’s tagline: “What part of you do you think might interest me in that history?”.

“She had Trump’s radar for money, status and power, and her father’s instinct to throw others under the wheels of a bus in order to save herself,” adds Ohrstrom, whose Palestinian origins, and even a necklace with her name written in Arabic, ended up distancing her from Ivanka. Regarding the supposed moderating influence that he could have had on his father when he arrived at the White House, examine it could not be more pessimistic: the one who has hardened his positions has been precisely Ivanka. Hence, some Republicans cherish the idea of ​​anointing her as a candidate for the presidency in four years, since she defines herself as “Trump-Republican, pragmatic in everything, pro-life without blushing.” It was then, watching her rule the White House, that Ohrstrom realized that the graceful worldly image, between frivolous and professional, that Ivanka projected was crumbling like sandstone.

If to the obligatory luminescent presence of Ivanka, to her personal, social and family brilliance, we add the network of relationships that Jared Kushner has forged during these four years, especially in the Middle East, where he has been a promoter of the normalization of relationships. between Israel and Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the so-called deal of the century, there is Ivanka for a while. The political capital of the couple is maintained, even though the patriarch of the empire must leave the White House when he realizes that recess time is over, and they atone for their ambition before the Western Wall.

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