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“I’ve been martyred a bit, I’ve seen the goal six or seven times”

He did not hide in the field. Nor, outside. “I’ve been martyred a bit and I’ve seen it six or seven times. I can’t find an explanation for it ”. He is still tossing Unai Simon, the national team’s goalkeeper. He searches and finds no explanations for what happened to him at the Copenhagen Parken when Pedri, from the midfield, he sent the ball to him so that he could control it calmly, without feeling overwhelmed by any Croatian player.

No explanation. Neither excuses do you want to look for either. “The sun didn’t bother me, it slipped away from me … I try to get the ball out with control and instead of leaving it dead … without further ado. It’s an accident, ”the Athletic goalkeeper acknowledged, who experienced a storm of emotions in that duel that led the team to the quarterfinals, already installed in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg to face the Switzerland that sent this Friday. to France, the world champion, to her home.

“In terms of football, it was the most important game of my life. I will never forget it ”, acknowledged the Basque goalkeeper, decisive in the 1-0 error against Croatia and even more decisive with two key saves and an excellent game with the foot, which gave rise to Azpilicueta’s 1-2.

“Getting it turned around together was a testament to the personality that this team has,” said Unai Simon. “Every day I am a better goalkeeper. There are small things that you can improve, but I am better than yesterday and worse than tomorrow. I am not the goalkeeper of the first goal we conceded ”, he stressed.

De Gea’s support

After the first part, still tortured by that major failure, Unai Simón detected that in the center of the field, and already on the way to the changing rooms, she was waiting for him David De Gea, Manchester United goalkeeper, starter in the 2016 Eurocup and the 2018 World Cup in Russia, very substitute now. “He stayed to wait for me, what he told me reassured me a lot,” he confessed.

What did De Gea say to Unai Simón? Neither one nor the other have wanted to reveal it. “I keep it personally, but it helped me a lot,” said the Athletic goalkeeper, happy for the support he received from his teammates. “They have wrapped me up a lot. This group is a luxury. It says a lot about the group we have. These games are won by the teams, not the national teams … “

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And happy, also, because Spain has rediscovered the right path in the tournament. “In this European Championship we are the ones who give us the fewest chances. We have good defense and we also have a lot of the ball, they give us few opportunities, “said Unai Simon, recalling” the rush “he received at the Parken in Copenhagen, just after the mistake.

“Luis Enrique is the main architect of all this. He guides us where we have to go. We go hand in hand and he has transmitted all this to us”

Unai Simon

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“That applause was a rush. They encouraged me a lot because with the failure it was a downturn. In the end, they gave me a lot of energy and I am very grateful to them ”, acknowledged the national team’s goalkeeper, a responsibility that Luis Enrique has conferred on him, despite the criticism raised by this decision by the Asturian.

“Luis Enrique is the main architect of all this. It guides us where we need to go. We go hand in hand and he has transmitted all this to us ”, the Athletic goalkeeper specified.


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