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I’ve tried hundreds of photo editing apps and this free app takes the gold

Cameras on smartphones have come a long way, but you may still see a few that could be improved with the help of a little editing. After trying many photo editing apps for mobile for a few years, the choice is difficult but ultimately it would be Snapseed.

As you already know, there are many camera applications that come pre-installed on mobile phones with their own camera tools. edition integrated. These seem good enough for minor tweaks, and certainly many are scared of having to resort to Photoshop for enhanced edits. That’s where Snapseed really shines.

It has really been complex because the decision duels with Lightroom, another great application with some very useful functions and easy to use. Despite this, today’s article focuses on snapseed and its great advantages.

It is probably one of the best free photo editing apps. Photographs market professionals. At first glance, its user interface is very simple, but when you press ‘Tools’, the application presents you with almost thirty options to edit your image, from filters to the text tool.


Snapseed, the top mobile photo editing tool

Powered by Google (which is a plus when it comes to quality and reputation), there are no annoying ads and the process of editing your photos is really simple and very intuitive. It allows you to edit and adjust things like brightness, saturation, contrast, curves, shadows, and much more, giving the user amazing control over the final look of their photos.

The great advantage of Snapseed is that it is more intuitive than the aforementioned Lightroom. It’s totally free, with no premium tier to pay for and no ads.

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Many of the same core edits you’d find in Lightroom are here, along with a variety of more creative tools designed to help you quickly edit images before posting to social media or saving to your gallery.

Simply put, it has all the great features of an application as powerful as Lightroom but is much easier to use. This app is also top for professional photographers, important to note this. It offers RAW editing and there are somewhat more professional level curves and tools such as millimeter white balance adjustment (although it is also automated).


Just to mention a few of its many features, they include portrait tools (containing adjustments such as face focus, skin softening, and eye clarity), head pose (to reposition faces), Healing Brush (to remove blemishes, etc.) ) and, of course, various basic settings that will allow you to edit your photography with great detail in a few minutes.

Snapseed can be not only fun but also addictive. Possibly, before you realize it, you have spent more than half an hour simply enjoying its adjustments and wandering through its range of tools, brushes and filters, exposure, color, masks and reshape.


Additionally, Snapseed continues to add enhancements and new features to its arsenal of photography tools. Of course, the only although big problem with this application is the lack of an automatic save while you work.

So if you accidentally touch the button ‘Back’ before you save, you will lose all your editing work. Be very careful with this aspect.

Pros and cons of Snapseed

With all this, here you will be able to find the pros and cons of this mobile photo editing application so that, at a simple glance, you can see if it is what you were looking for.

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  • Free
  • Loaded with pro-level presets and tools
  • For amateur and professional photographers alike
  • Easy to use
  • Can edit RAW files
  • Simple controls for editing images
  • No advertising
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  • Requires a slight learning process
  • It is not suitable for people who do not know how it works, for example, the contrast
  • The save options are not very intuitive
  • The social media integration options are also not as clear as you might expect

Finally, Snapseed is the perfect and essential application for the curious who want to work on their photos on their mobile from the comfort of their sofa. It is available for Android and iPhone/iPad with iOS.

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