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Ivermectin fever triggers poisoning in the United States




In recent weeks the United States has unleashed a kind of collective delirium. Despite having effective vaccines against the coronavirus at their disposal, many Americans prefer to travel in search of a false remedy against Covid that is often used as a veterinary product in the West. It is called Invermectin and it is an antiparasitic well known to farmers because with it they treat infections of cattle and horses. In mid-August, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) detected that 88,000 prescriptions for this drug were prescribed when before the pandemic the average was only 3,600.

There is no research showing that ivermectin is effective in treating Covid,

But social networks have become a means of misinformation that is permeating many citizens, especially in rural areas. They look for it vaccinated and not vaccinated in pharmacies and in food stores for animals where they find it in a formulation designed for animals and for a weight that is not human. «They are taking calculated dose for a horse that can weigh ten times more than a person. It’s a real madness», Says Carlos Chaccour, director of the scientific project against emerging viruses of the Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal).

Chaccour recalls that at the beginning of the pandemic, when there were no effective vaccines, that same madness was unleashed in South America. In Peru, the indigenous people injected doses designed for cows and the poisonings began to be counted by the thousands.

Diarrhea, vomiting …

Overdoses are also being documented in the United States. In the best of cases, the damage is resolved with diarrhea and vomiting of varying degrees of severity. At worst, it ends up in the hospital, as the Australian health authorities denounced yesterday where there is also an increase in income from the consumption of this antiparasitic. In the month of August alone, overdoses in the United States have multiplied by five. At the Mississippi state poison control center, 70% of the calls were from people who had used ivermectin purchased from livestock supply stores.

«They take a paste made for horses that apparently tastes horrible», Says the IS Global researcher. Chaccour attributes this delusion in times of vaccines to the misinformation offered by anti-vaccine movements, in the shadow of suspicion that always hangs over pharmaceutical companies and the politicization of Covid. “Those who take it are rural people and are used to using the drug, so it doesn’t take much to convince them,” he reasons. And the FDA has addressed its message to this population. “You are not a horse”the United States Drug Administration said in a recent tweet.

An essential drug

This scientist knows the remedy well, an essential drug for other diseases. It is used for veterinary use but in small doses also for fight lice, scabies and other parasites. And, most importantly, it is the treatment that managed to corner the blindness of the rivers, a cruel disease that left entire populations of Africa and Latin America without vision due to the bite of insects.

When the pandemic broke out, researchers around the world began testing licensed drugs. Ivermectin was one of them. It is not really known how it works, but it does have a certain viral action. Several research groups have open clinical trials to show if it can really work at human-adapted doses. Chaccour also tried his luck and in his trial, with 24 volunteers, he showed that it prevented the patients from losing less sense of smell or they will get it back sooner.

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