Thursday, March 30

Ivonne Reyes | Socialité reveals the identity of the father of his son: “He spent a pension of 6,000 euros per month”

Pepe Navarro and Ivonne Reyes have once again come to the fore in the world of the heart after the controversial statements of the presenter in which he assured that he is trying to reopen the case of the paternity of the Venezuelan’s son, ensuring that he has genetic tests to show that Alejandro Reyes is not his offspring. Thus, Ivonne Reyes ‘lawyer, Sonia Gea, broke her silence in’Ana Rosa’s program‘and he responded emphatically to the presenter, making it clear that he has nothing to do at the legal level and that there is no proof that Alejandro is not his son.

“We cannot understand why he continues to mull over the matter if the sentence is final.. No matter how much Pepe Navarro says, “it is impossible to try again,” maintains Ivonne’s lawyer, who believes that the journalist’s latest statements are an attempt for the Venezuelan to sue him and try to find a legal loophole to reopen the case.

Denying that Ivonne did another DNA test in 2017 as has been said – the result of which would be negative and would show that the presenter is not the father of her child – Sonia Gea has made it clear that the model has had “no doubts about paternity “and he has pointed out that doing this test, his client would not go to a laboratory used by Pepe Navarro.

Rotunda, the lawyer maintains that “there is no evidence that shows that Alejandro is not the son of Pepe Navarro” and has insisted that it is “a fact that has been tried and cannot be tried again.”

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Noting that the presenter has been required on four occasions by the courts and has not wanted to take paternity tests, Sonia Gea does not understand why now Pepe does want to do them and maintains that if a judge awarded the journalist the paternity of Alejandro and three judges most corroborated the paternity sentence, it is because there was “consensual and unprotected sexual relations that coincide with the conception and subsequent birth of the young man” between Ivonne and Navarro.

Regarding the statements about the Venezuelan that both the presenter and his previous lawyer, Mireia Pino, have made in recent days, Sonia leaves it up to the air if Ivonne will take legal measures: “We are studying the issue and she will be the one to make the decision at the right time.”

“The only certain thing here is that Pepe Navarro is Alejandro’s father and the rest is conjecture and hearsay, “he concluded, revealing that the communicator owes Ivonne for non-payment of the maintenance pension – which her son voluntarily resigned when he turned 21 – 28,400 euros. A figure very far from the 2000 or 3000 who claimed duty Pepe recently

Socialité has continued to pull the blanket on the issue that Telecinco has been talking about all week. According to the program presented by Maria Patiño, the space has had access to information that would prove that a millionaire businessman I would have been passing Ivonne Reyes a pension of 6,000 euros per month for three yearss, specifically from 1999 (year in which Alejandro was born) until 2002, year in which this businessman died.

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