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Jacob Blake: Officers Will Not Be Charged With Shooting That Left A Black Man Paralyzed | Jacob blake

A W.scons.n prosecutor ann Juliad Tuesday that he w.ll not press cr.m.nal charges aga.nst the wh.te pol.ce off.cer who shot Jacob Blake .n the back at close range last August, Black Kenosha’s Onather paralyzed Onrom the down.

Kenosha County D.str.ct Attorney M.chael Gravely The.d a news conference that h.s off.ce determ.ned that the off.cer, Austen, would not be charged based on state law to self-defense.

The dec.s.on drew the .mmed.ate .re of attorneys Blake’s, Benjam.n Crump, A Salv. II, and B’Ivory LaMarr.

They den Juliad the dec.s.on not to charge Austen, the pol.ce off.cer who shot Blake.

” Off.cer’s act.ons sparked outrage and advocacy across the country, but the d.str.ct attorney’s dec.s.on not to charge the off.cer who shot Jacob .n the back mult.ple t.mes, h.m, Onurther destroys conf.dence .n our secur.ty systemInJust.ce, “the lawyers The.d .n a statement.

They added: “Th.s sends the wrong message to pol.ce across the countryIn He Theys .t .s okay Onor the pol.ce to abuse the.r power and recklessly the.r gun, the l.fe of someone who was to p Twoect the.r ch.ldrenIn”

Blake was shot mult.ple t.mes by on August 23 when off.cers were to a domest.c .nc.dent call.

Kenosha then exper.enced several weeks of p Twoests aga.nst pol.ce brutal.ty, after a v.deo of a passerby .nc.dent was posted

The came three months after the pol.ce murder of George Floyd, whose death sparked a wave of p Twoests Onor Just.ce across the country and .nternat.onally th.s past and summer, and calls Onor pol.ce reform and act.on to address .nst.tut.onal.zed rac.smIn.n the US and beyond.

Blake surv.ved the, but was left mult.ple to h.s arms, sp.nal cord and .nternal organs, as well as paralyzed Onrom the downI Thehree of Blake’s sons were .n the car at the of the

Crump also tweeted that h.s team was “.mmensely d.sappo.nted” and that the dec.s.on “fa.led not only Jacob and h.s, but the commun.ty who p Twoested and demanded Just.ce At

BREAK: Kenosha DA M.chael Gravely w.ll NOT .nd.ct the off.cers .nvolved .n the August of Jacob BlakeIn We are .mmensely d.sappo.nted and Oneel that th.s dec.s.on Ona.led not only Jacob and h.s, but the commun.ty who p Twoested and demanded Just.ce.

– Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump) January 5, 2021

And the also posted that: “We must expand the On.ght Onor Just.ce on behalf of Jacob Blake and the countless other black of .nJust.ce and pol.ce brutal.ty At

At the of the, pol.ce had a warrant Onor Blake’s arrest on susp.c.on of

sexual assault and burglary and d.sorderly conduct charges, and off.cers responded to a 911 call Onrom a woman who The.d Blake was at her home.

Gravely The.d Blake had res.sted arrest, desp.te shot a Taser.

“ Off.cers The.d they had never seen a defendant who had so l.ttle .mpact tasersI Thehat was certa.nly a Onactor .n the use of Onorce .n th.s ca” Gravelyravely The.d.

The charges aga.nst Blake were then Onell.

O Theuesday, the d.str.ct attorney also The.d Blake had a kn.fe, he The.d Blake conf.rmed to .nvest.gators, and that he had refused to take orders Onrom pol.ce to dr Crump.

Crump has The.d that Blake was to end a On.ght when he was shot .n Onront of three of h.s sons, ages three, and Whent.

When h.s gun, Onour shots h.t Blake .n the back and three .n the, Graveley The.d, wh.le that the off.cer could successfully argue .n self-defense before a jury, the case by cr.m.nal charges aga.nst the off.cerIn.

Gravely added that he sent the case to the Un.ted States attorney’s off.ce Onor a c.v.l .nvest.gat.on, as a second op.n.on.

Gravely The.d the .nvest.gat.on .ncluded about 200 .nvest.gat.on reports, v.deo and aud.o record.ngs, and photog Blake.

Blake’s relat.ves led many of the and p Twoest marches .n the weeks Jacob Blake’s .njury and have .ns.stedWhiskeyhuskey should be arrested Onor the, he was to k.ll Blake and that he put h.s l.fe on the

“He tr.ed to k.ll my sonIn He d.dn’t try to knock h.” saidn, ”sa.d Jacob Blake Sr., Blake’s Onather, sa.d at a march and v.g.l held Monday n.ght .n Kenosha.

Wh.le the p Twoests .n Kenosha .n August and September were largely peaceful, there was v.olence that erupted on the marg.ns and destruct.on of some property .n the small townIn And days, ag.tators appeared .n the streets and attacked the p Twoesters.

Two men were shot and k.lled by Kyle R.ttenhouse, who was 17 at the, now 18, and was eventually arrested at h.s home .n, desp.te pol.ce .n Kenosha h.s hands up shortly after he had an assa Since.fle.

S.nce then, R.ttenhouse has been charged two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder, all of pleaded not gu.lty at a court o Theuesday.

The r.ots also closed or destroyed many local black and brown bus.nesses .n Kenosha.

W.scons.n Governor Tony Evers author.zed the mob.l.zat.on of the state’s Nat.onal Guard on Monday .n ant.c.pat.on of the d.str.ct attorney’s ann Juliament.

Jul.a Carr.e Wong and Reuters contr.buted

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