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Jacqueline Wilson Is The Perfect Choice To Reinvent Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree | jaqueline wilson

I I am a veteran reader of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree books. I read them for the first time growing up and was delighted with the idea of ​​the different magical lands that could be reached in the top of a huge tree: the Land of Take-What-You-Want! the land of sweets! Imagine being able to order an ice cream of any flavor, and opt for sardines, as Connie did. Or flying over a dandelion seed in the Land of the Giants. I dreamed of wearing a Slippery-Slip, the huge slide that runs down the center of the tree. I imagined biting into a Hot Cold Goodie, or sucking on a shock toffee. I wanted to sneak past Angry Pixie, watch Dame Washalot empty her buckets of water on Mr. Watzisname (how much clothes did she actually have to wash?), And make friends with Silky and Moonface.

Then I read the books to my oldest son and realized that he was not as delighted as I expected. The Saucepan Man in particular was a bit creepy and as always with Blyton, you have to do editorials while reading aloud, if you don’t want the girls being told to step aside for the guys.

The Magic Faraway Tree by Jacqueline Wilson, to be published in May.
The Magic Faraway Tree by Jacqueline Wilson, to be published in May. Photograph: Hodder’s Children’s Books

But! I could see how much she loved the stories, so I read them again to my middle daughter, and then again to the youngest, and found myself reluctantly acknowledging the charms of the Far Tree once more. After all, I am no longer the target audience, and all three have been fascinated. For each of them, The Enchanted Wood has been the title that took them from picture books to chapter books like a bedtime story. And every time we start, I have seen that spark of imagination ignite in their eyes, when the children (in my time Jo, Bessie and Fanny, now Joe, Beth and Frannie) walk into the forest and hear the “wisha, wisha, wisha From the trees whispering their secrets.

So I’m delighted to hear that there is going to be a new Faraway Tree story from the mighty Jacqueline Wilson, the first in 75 years and the first by a non-Blyton author. Wilson seems perfect for the role – she’s already told us what Katy, Five Children and It, and The Railway Children did, and she was a “huge fan” of the books when she was a child.

“I had so much fun writing a new Faraway Tree book,” says Wilson in the ad. “As a child, I read the three original Enid Blyton books many times, marveling at all the adventures and wishing I could be Silky’s best friend and share in Moonface’s candy surprises. It is a privilege to be able to write about iconic Blyton characters and invent new children and magical creatures of my own for new readers to enjoy. “

In Wilson’s story, released in May, three new children encounter the Enchanted Forest on vacation: Milo, Mia, and Birdy. They meet Silky and her crew, and travel to the Land of the Unicorns. “But not all lands are so fun. Danger lurks in the Land of Dragons. Will Moonface’s magic work in time to save the children? says editor Hachette. Yes, it certainly will, but this is news that will win over the hearts of my eight year old, book addict and dragon obsessed son, and a book that I will read to my five year old son as soon as it is available. . The 11-year-old will undoubtedly see herself as too old for that these days, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she is close to her, come the story time.

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