Wednesday, September 27

Jada Pinkett Smith shares alopecia stories on RTT episodes

On Wednesday, Jada Pinkett Smith introduced a series of “Red Table Talk” shows on alopecia, an autoimmune disease that she and 147 million more worldwide have that causes hair loss.

Of course, alopecia became a top topic of conversation after the Oscars, when her husband Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock after he made fun of Pinkett Smith’s close haircut.

“Considering what I’ve been through with my own health and what happened at the Oscars, thousands have reached out to me with their stories,” Pinkett Smith said on her show Wednesday.

And she reached out to others, including Cincinnati Enquirer Opinion Editor Kevin Aldridgequien wrote a column after the Oscars about his own wife’s struggles with alopecia, and how it isn’t a joke.

“I’ve seen firsthand the emotional toll losing her hair patches at a time has taken,” he wrote. “I’ve dried her tears, affirmed her beauty de ella and held her de ella hand – and even the razor and scissors – as she made the excruciating choice several years ago to shave off all of her hair de ella.”

After Oscars, Jada Pinkett Smith reached out

Pinkett Smith saw the column in USA TODAY and invited Kevin and his wife Nichole to be part of her shows on alopecia. They record the show in Smith’s’ Los Angeles home.

“I’m using this moment to give our alopecia family an opportunity to talk about what it’s like to have this condition and to inform people about what alopecia actually is,” Pinkett Smith said.

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