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Jake Paul responds to Katie Taylor claiming YouTube star “knows nothing”

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has hit back at Katie Taylor’s assessment that he “knows nothing” about high level boxing.

The social media star is 5-0 as a professional boxer, and has headlined three major pay-per-view events in America. But Taylor believes that his lack of ability at the top level of the sport means that he isn’t qualified to have much of a say in her undisputed lightweight title fight with Amanda Serrano, aside from in his role as co-promoter for the bout.

Paul has been working to increase Taylor’s opponent Serrano’s profile among the casual boxing audience, and his involvement has been listed as one of the main reasons the bout ever materialised. The pair were unable to get it made for years despite their status in the sport, but since Paul got behind Serrano, they have both become more valuable commodities.

But that didn’t stop Taylor from having a dig during an interview with DAZN, saying: “As far as Jake Paul – this isn’t a game,” she said. “This is actually a real fight. He’s never been involved in a fight like this and he never will be involved in a fight like this. So this is actually a genuine, real fight and he knows nothing about this.”

Paul has hit back, telling Taylor that she is about to be relieved of her belts, as well as her perfect record in the professional ranks. “Katie I appreciate you thanking me for making this fight happen at a level Eddie never could,” he tweeted in response to her interview.

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“But the only thing real is you, your team and Eddie talk a lot of s*** but can’t back it up. Respect on your legacy. But Amanda Serrano is the greatest female boxer of all time. And New.”

The vibes between team Taylor and team Serrano, fronted by Eddie Hearn and the younger Paul brother, were positive throughout the months-long build-up to the fight. But tensions have risen during fight week, with the promoters getting into it through a series of media events.

Who are you backing in tonight’s fight; Katie Taylor or Amanda Serrano? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

All is not well between Jake Paul and Katie Taylor
All is not well between Jake Paul and Katie Taylor

Taylor had got into the action earlier this week, joking with Mirror Fighting that she needed to use air quotes when describing Paul’s first few fights. “I guess I first became aware of Jake Paul when he had his first fight a couple of years ago,” Taylor said. “That’s my idea of trash talking, that’s it over!

“That’s when I became aware of Jake Paul and then he started working with Amanda and here we are. I know he’s been working with Amanda for the last couple of fights now and obviously myself and Amanda were in talks for a couple of years now.”

However, she seemed keen to stay professional and courteous towards Paul, adding: “I’m glad that he’s involved right now to help get this fight over the line, originally I was thinking ‘I hope I’m not on the undercard of a Jake Paul fight’! That would be an awful shame.

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“I’d be going ‘I can’t believe I’m fighting Amanda Serrano on a Jake undercard’, but obviously now we’re here headlining. Jake’s been an absolute gentleman over these last few months, I can’t say anything bad about him.”

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