Thursday, February 29

January 6 hearings to reveal new details of attack: live updates

  • Former President Donald Trump is expected to watch, so is President Joe Biden.
  • Two witnesses will testify tonight, including Caroline Edwards, an injured Capitol Police officer.
  • British documentarian Nick Quested, who filmed around the Capitol during the attack, will testify.
  • House Republicans criticize the investigation as illegitimate and partisan.

WASHINGTON–The nine House members investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol attack begin to unveil what they’ve learned Thursday in a primetime hearing, the wind-up to a year-long effort to uncover every detail of that dayincluding what former President Donald Trump did or did not do as the violence intensified and what can be done to prevent a repeat.

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First 2 witnesses are injured Capitol Police officer, documentary

Two witnesses are expected at the first hearing. One is Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards, who suffered a traumatic brain injury when the mob pushed her to the ground after breaking through a fence of bicycle racks outside the Capitol.

She was the first of 140 officers injured that day, according to the committee. Other officers have recalled hearing her pleas de ella for help.

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