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Jaques-Henri Lartigue: Visionary of Happy Memories

The great joviality that emanates from your photos it took him away from the important circumstances of the moment, the war, the prevailing poverty and other dramatic issues that were the subjects that the photographers of the time treated, very significant and necessary for history.

Enjoying the elegant women glamour who surrounded him made a photographic work full of light and the joy of living, creating a historical document about the life of the upper bourgeoisie to which he belonged. Documents that collect, in addition to photos of his wives, long walks through the gardens of Paris, the first motor racing races, the effervescent beaches of the French Côte d’Azur such as Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo, only for privileged social classes.

Jaques-HenriFatiguee He considered himself a painter, photography was just a game that his father motivated when in 1891, when he was seven years old, he gave him a camera with 13×18 format plates. Inpainting, hee put more emphasis and was able to make some exhibitions that were of little importance; it was in photography that he really stood out, becoming an icon of French photography on the same level as EugénAt getetBrassaï and Robert Doisneau.

Fatiguee he was happy all his life and this is transmitted in his images both in the luminous Mediterranean and in the winter Parisian Bois de Boulogne, all his production is inspired by happiness. His work is a container of happy memories.

He understood photography as a game, although not without passion. His gaze was on women, his role models were his wives, friends and lovers, intimate moments surrounded by great sensuality and sophistication.

In his work there is no authorial approach and yet the lines of his work circulate through what we understand as an author.

He never bothered to publicize his photographic work until Cartier Bresson and Richard Avedon highlighted its importance and in 1963 the American magazine LIFE published an extensive dossier on it. From that moment the legend ofFatiguee began to be forged, in fact, a few months later the MOMA consecrated him with a great exhibition, and thus rescued the figure of this great artist from oblivion.

His work has had great influence, Helmut Newton, Jean Loup Sieff and Guy Bourdin To cite only photographers who worked in France, they have drunk from its source.

It is important to note that most of the photographers who have practiced Fashion photography in the 20th century they follow in his footsteps looking through his mastery.

It has been insisted that he was a child of delicate health, but despite that he died at the age of 92, and in the countless portraits that are preserved of him, in old age he is seen as happy and energetic as is always is. was.

“I suffer from a disease that torments me because all the things that amaze me escape me without being able to keep them in my memory, so I use my camera.”

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