Thursday, December 2

Jaume Giró will not join the Laporta board

  • The resignation of the future economic vice president comes before the inauguration

  • The alleged reason: “Professional issues that will force me to be many days a month in London”

  • Laporta will have to look for another specialist to direct the economic recovery of the club

Joan Laporta he has run out of one of the heavyweights of his candidacy. He has run out of the one who was going to be him economic vice president of Barça, the man who had to manage the accounts of an entity with 1,173 million euros of debt, which will force a recomposition of its board.

Jaume Giró will not enter at the club after a rupture that occurs a few days after the inauguration of the new president elected at the polls last Sunday. The future board goes from meeting to meeting outlining the first decisions to be adopted as soon as he officially enters the club, although Laporta has already had several meetings with Carles Tusquets, the president of the Management Commission. It was also known The appointment of Ferran Reverter as future CEO.

The importance of rank

Giró, through a statement issued by the candidacy We estimate Barça, In his resignation, he alleges “professional reasons” that will force him “to spend many days a month in London, which makes full dedication to the duties of vice president of the entity unfeasible.” The note assures that Laporta knew that decision for several days. Not even seven have passed since Sunday, March 7, they all jumped overjoyed celebrating the victory in the elections, that the first dissension is already visualized.

Some sources pointed to alleged incompatibilities in the distribution of vice presidencies and the functions that would be assumed in the club. For example, during the electoral campaign the rank of each vice presidency had not been defined, although it was announced that Giró would occupy the economic and Rafa Yuste the sportswoman.

“Good friendship”

The hierarchy of each of these vice-presidencies is relevant in the event of a future resignation or resignation of the president, since the first vice president would occupy the position of maximum responsibility unless it was another expressly designated. Giró, in the note offered by the candidacy, assures that knew beforehand that he would occupy the second vice presidency.

Despite his untimely and unforeseen farewell, made official this Saturday before the members of the group, Giró underlines that he has maintained a “good friendship” with Laporta since 2005 and that “he will continue to collaborate and lend his support” to the president, “but externally and without any contractual or economic ties.”

Another pilot for the crisis

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The departure of the businessman and journalist creates the first big problem for Laporta. During the campaign, Giró was one of the members of his candidacy with the greatest weight, mainly due to the importance of the critical situation of the entity. The one who was general director of the la Caixa Foundation until 2019 was going to pilot the economic recovery of the club.

“We know what should be done and how it should be done,” said Giró, whose priorities were to refinance short-term debt (730 million) in the long term, initiate the salary cut in professional staff and obtain liquidity to alleviate the treasury until the end of the season. One of his solutions, which was criticized by Victor Fuente Y Toni Freixa, the other two candidates for the presidency, was the issuance of bonds to generate income. Now it remains to be seen if Giró’s replacement carries out that same idea.

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