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Javier Maroto: “The local parties promise things that they will never be able to solve”

Javier Maroto often repeats the word “lie” to refer to the model of Pedro Sanchez. It does so when talking about the General State Budgets, regional financing and European funds. His government plan is not believed, nor that of the local platforms that grow in territories of the so-called Emptied Spain. Just after the national convention of the Popular Party, the spokesperson in the Senate only found one possible solution. And this is called Pablo Casado. Here, your reasons.

– You have said of the General State Budgets that they are those of “lies, redress and the absence of real measures.” Very tough, right?

–It’s what I think. An investment that costs almost 400 million euros cannot be made with four; as simple as that. And this is what happens with the N-122 highway, which cannot be Pedro Sánchez’s last joke. It is better to say that it is not done to tell a half truth. Because when you tell a half truth, that half truth becomes the worst lie. The construction of this highway to Portugal is not something new. Many people in Zamora have the illusion that this land is interesting for young people, that there are projects and that she continues alive. And that is achieved with communications and infrastructure. What Sánchez has done is tease the Zamoranos with the illusions of their future, which is the most unfair there is. We already knew that Sánchez doesn’t like the Community of Madrid and now that he doesn’t like Castilla y León either. And Zamora pays the price for all this.

– What is your opinion of the Ministry for the Demographic Challenge after two years in operation?

–Internal Spain exists and has its problems, but they are not solved by giving a ministry a nice name. Especially if you have twenty-two ministries. We have seen, for example, in Zamora, that the province has suffered the Ricobayo drain and the one who authorized this to Iberdrola was this Ministry. You cannot call yourself the Ministry for the Demographic Challenge if you make decisions against interior Spain. The pandemic has left few positive things, but one of them is the opportunity to telecommute in cities and towns in the interior of Spain. And for that to be possible it only takes one thing: infrastructure. Fiber optics and connectivity are needed, something that Pablo Casado claims to reactivate opportunities in rural areas. And in Pedro Sánchez’s politics I see many beautiful words, but few facts.

– What is Pablo Casado’s recipe for interior Spain?

–Pablo Casado is from Palencia and has also been a deputy for Ávila, so he knows rural Spain very well. And, unlike Sánchez, he knows her from the rural roads and not from the Falcon. That is a problem that the Prime Minister has and the consequences of which all Spaniards suffer. Can’t fix something that is unknown. And Sánchez does not step on the street because he is whistled in every corner of Spain. He is a president who hides from the people, and what we need is a president who is with the people and knows their reality. The recipes of the Popular Party go through understanding this reality and detecting the reasons why there are people who leave rural areas. Why do they do it? Mainly, due to lack of opportunities and attractions. We talk about education, health, infrastructure and connectivity. What is the biggest news we have heard from the PSOE for the connectivity of territories like Castilla y León? The tolls that Sánchez wants to put on each road. Another obstacle for the people of the towns.

The PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto. Emilio Fraile

– Given this scenario that you relate, many local platforms are emerging that aspire to stand for election in the next cycle. Are you afraid that this will harm the Popular Party?

–This only hurts the territories in which these platforms appear, because they end up promising things that they will never be able to solve. What are citizens concerned about right now? Well, fundamentally, the pandemic, employment, the pension that corresponds to them and the price of electricity. Can a local platform solve these four problems? Or should they be resolved by a national party that can reform the energy sector, that can boost the economy so that there are enough contributors to pay pensions, that can promote employment policies throughout the country and that can make decisions at the state level ? Let each one answer. I trust the Popular Party because it is the party that takes measures to advance economic growth and employment. The parties that defend Spain are the national parties. If you want to defend an idea for a municipality, I respect that. But, a local platform, in the Congress of Deputies, what it does is leave the illusions of its voters in limbo. Because you cannot pay the price of electricity from a platform in a city of 80,000 inhabitants.

– Does the Popular Party, after its national convention, have the formula to regain lost ground with Vox?

– There is a recipe that we have learned since the elections of the Community of Madrid and that is that, if you vote divided, Sánchez stays. Surely, there are notable differences between the voters of Ciudadanos, that of the Popular Party and that of Vox. But we are all united by something much more important, which is that we do not want to see Sánchez for another minute at Moncloa because he is destroying Spain. Against that, there is only one recipe: unity. What we have seen in the Community of Madrid is what needs to be done in the next general elections.

-Recently, Feijóo has called a meeting of regional presidents to address the financing model that avoids inequalities. What do you think?

– I am not surprised, because the current financing model was agreed by the Socialist Party with Esquerra Republicana. If you add to that a Prime Minister who exercises inequality as a general rule, then the distribution of resources is neither fair nor equitable. We have a government that has not maintained no criteria for dispensing vaccines, as if to ask him to distribute the money of all the Spaniards. A new financing model is needed, but it must be done with the agreement of all parties.

– And what do you think of the distribution of European funds?

– The worst thing about the distribution of these funds is that it is not known how they will be distributed. That is the tragedy. Pablo Casado proposed to support Sánchez so that a committee of experts could help the Government to distribute the funds quickly and efficiently. And Sánchez said no. Nobody knows what is being done with those funds. In other countries they are being used to make the country more productive. And here we could use them to make inland Spain more productive, because it is an engine of possibilities. But nobody knows Sánchez’s criteria. In no matter.

– What do you answer to those who ugly Casado who say that Spain is close to bankruptcy?

–It’s like when you don’t like the doctor because he tells you that you are sick. Pablo Casado is telling the truth and he is not going to tell Spaniards that there are green shoots and that Spain is doing well if it is not like that. It says the same thing that organizations like the IMF are saying. Sánchez abuses the ignorance of many Spaniards in the field of macroeconomics. That, beware, they are not required to know. But when we hear him say that at this moment the risk premium is not going up, he forgets to add that it is because all the debt is bought by the ECB.

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