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Javier Milei: The extreme right makes its way into the Argentine Congress with attacks on the “political caste” | International

Freedom, Guns (weapons), Bolsonaro, Trump, LGBT. The misrepresentation of the acronyms that identify worldwide with sexual diversity was reproduced on pins and black t-shirts of supporters of the candidate of the extreme right in Argentina, Javier Milei, at the closing ceremony of his campaign in Buenos Aires, on Saturday for the evening. They symbolize the ideology and political references of this ultra-liberal economist who considers the state and the political caste enemies to fight, but who will be elected national deputy for Avanza Libertad on November 14, according to the polls. The coalition he heads is attributed a vote intention of at least 13% in the Argentine capital in the legislative elections on Sunday. In the province of Buenos Aires, the country’s main electoral district, they estimate that it will exceed 5%.

“Milei goes straight ahead, she says what many of us think and want to say,” said Nicolás, a 25-year-old private security guard, at the Lezama park amphitheater, in the south of the Argentine capital. “We should all be able to have a weapon to defend ourselves. The jets (thieves) would be afraid of the working people (workers), not the working people of the jets, as it happens now ”, he assured. In addition to the shirt with the aforementioned acronyms, he wore a black chinstrap with the American flag stamped on one side and military pants.

Among the thousands of people who came to the rally of the liberal candidate, young men predominated. They are the bulk of the supporters of this economist who became popular for his controversial statements on television before making the leap into politics. “Lefties are afraid”, “In 50 years Argentina will be the largest slum in the world”, “Me to the Central Bank? He would be the last president because he would close it ”,“ I am against all taxes ”, are some of his phrases, among which there are also questions about feminism, one of the most popular movements in the last five years in Argentina.

“I was a fanatic half-radical feminist at 13. Later I calmed down and opened up and approached liberalism because here in Argentina they kill us with taxes and I see my old woman breaking her ortho laburando and that she is not enough because half of what what wins does not go to her, it goes to a system that works badly and does not give us anything back, “said Agustín, an 18-year-old computer science student.

From the stage, Milei promised never to vote a law that implies a tax increase or a budget that includes a fiscal deficit. “The counterpart that there is no deficit is that it will have to be adjusted. We are going to make the political caste pay for this adjustment, “he promised amid applause and shouts of” sons of bitches “from the stands.

Crisis of the two-party system

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The libertarian candidate throws darts at all the other politicians, but the most poisonous go to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, mayor of Buenos Aires for the center-right alliance Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) and probable candidate for the presidency in 2023. “When to have us locked up gave 50% rating points, Larreta sat next to the president, a situation that did not change until the polls changed, “he recalled in reference to the initial support of the opposition for the mandatory isolation imposed by President Alberto Fernández to stop the covid pandemic -19. For this support, Milei considers Larreta an accomplice of “a criminal government that did not test, that did not vaccinate in a timely manner. The negligence and corruption of this government has cost the lives of more than 100,000 Argentines ”.

For decades, Argentine society has oscillated between Peronist and anti-Peronist governments. But the disappointment of many voters with the Fernández government after his first two years in power and the bad memory left by Mauricio Macri after his presidency between 2015 and 2019 have weakened the two-party system and diverted votes towards extreme options, both to the left. as right. Milei seeks to snatch voters from JxC, the coalition that prevailed in the primaries of last September 12 and that the polls also give as a favorite in the Legislative elections next Sunday. “Do not be carried away by the song of the sirens, they are lying. If you want liberalism, do not choose the trout copy, choose the best liberalism, that of Liberty Advances ”, he shouted. “Long live freedom, damn it,” his sympathizers responded.

Except for surprises, when the new legislators take office on December 10, the extreme right will be represented for the first time in the Argentine Congress. The second on Milei’s list is attorney Victoria Villarruel, president of the Center for Legal Studies on Terrorism and its Victims (CELTyV). Villarruel has on numerous occasions denied the existence of State terrorism during the last dictatorship, despite the fact that the Argentine Justice has sentenced more than a thousand soldiers for crimes against humanity perpetrated between 1976 and 1983.

“I ask you to get into the mud, be protagonists, help me change Argentina, let’s go back to being a power. Long live freedom, damn it. Long live freedom, damn it. Long live freedom, damn it ”, ended Milei. The euphoria of those applauding contrasted with the restlessness of those who crossed the avenue in front of the park when they returned from the gay Pride march held at the same time in the center of the city.

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