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Javier Milei, the extreme right-winger who aspires to govern Argentina

The snake’s egg threatens to hatch. Javier Milei has ceased to be a smiling fact of Argentine politics. Although there is still a long way to go before the presidential elections of October 2023, the referent of the extreme right, until very recently, just a strident participant in television talk shows, has a voting intention of 22.8%just six less than Peronism, in power, and the right-wing coalition Together for Change that governed with the tycoon Mauricio Macri to the head. Milei is presented at this time as a would be a threat to macrismo. The recent survey by Management & Fit shows that almost 29% of the citizens who bet on the 2021 parliamentary elections for Together for Change plan to support this soccer exporter at the polls, former heavy metal singer Y economist what, in the style of Vox, attacks the “political caste”. At this point, the possibility of his presence in the second electoral round is no longer far-fetched.

His father beat him as a child and then went from whipping to psychological violence. He imitated Mick Jagger as a young man Already Ozzy Osbourne and graduated from a private university in the city of Buenos Aires. A guru of neoliberalism tucked him in when he was a nobody. He began to weave academic relationships and advise companies. He went from the secrecy of the world of finance to the highest media exposure. He gained notoriety by insulting other commentators.

dizzying ascent

He founded a group freedom advances, and behind him brought together radical defenders of the free market and those nostalgic for the last military dictatorship (1976-83). He got the 14% of the votes and entered the Chamber of Deputies. He has not stood out for his proposals, except for the decision to raffle his salary as a legislator. In a country with almost 40% poor, Miley he became a kind of croupier, the man who, thanks to chance, manages to get thousands and thousands of Argentines to submit to his personal lottery system month after month. It’s about a dubious altruism: the wigas his followers call him, receives financing from sectors of the economic elite, known as “the red circle.”

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At 51, Milei appears in public with her hair down, as if she just came out of a shower. “I have entered politics not to lead a flock of lambs, but to wake up lions“, he repeats at his rallies. He maintains that the public university is an indoctrination center for the left. He despises public management and promises to “dynamit” the Central Bank so that the law of the individual jungle reigns.

the shepherd miley tells its lambs that capitalism is the only way to salvation,” said essayist Beatrice Sarlo. She tries to settle in the center of the scene as the messiah of anti-politics. His message, Sarlo has detected, has begun to penetrate “common citizens, poor, with low salaries, with no prospects of progress”, a universe of neglected people who “feel cheated or defrauded” and feed on the bile that circulates in the social media. In his own way, he replicates in Argentina something that is not unknown in other latitudes. Not surprisingly, he Bolsonaro clan has set his sights on him from Brazil.

no female support

“Mile does not have the support of the female vote in any social stratum,” says a young social leader, Mayra Arena. For the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, it would be “inconceivable” that a person “who works every day” would feel attracted by their screams. And if that happens, he lamented, a part of society is self-defeating.

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Related news

The rise of Miley represents a challenge for macrismo. Both the former president and other candidates for the coalition with aspirations to govern from December 2013 have been forced to endorse some of his proposals. The “hawks” of that coalition even propose an electoral alliance with the economist. Hardly anyone in that political space wants to present themselves as “moderate” to the former singer. Not even when he proposes that the country give up its currency and adopt the dollar to curb inflation, which this year threatens to be more than 70%.

fucking lefties“, he usually blurts out. On Saturday he presented his autobiography at the International Book Fair in the city of Buenos Aires, The path of the libertarian. He was accompanied by Viviana Canosa, a television presenter who would make her Fox colleagues blush. His fervent followers enthroned him in one of the centers of literate culture in the country of Jorge Luis Borges. They already call him “president”.

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