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Jeep 4xe range: electrification without limits

The electrified vehicles were considered until very recently boring cars. To demystify this concept, the brands began to launch sports versions of their zero emission ranges, very fast models that were capable of registering incredible times on the circuit thanks to the immediate torque delivery of the electric drive. But Jeep goes one step further, being the first brand to transfer these high performance off the asphalt with its 4xe range.

This family of plug-in hybrid vehicles made up of Renegade, Compassand Wrangler, join the be quiet, the comfort and the great efficiency of electrified models, with the innate off-road capability that identifies the North American firm.

All models of the jeep 4xe range Jeepoffer all-wheel drive, which together with the extraordinary traction capacity of the electric motors, allows you to enjoy extraordinary performance when leaving the asphalt.

The Compass and Renegade powertrain it is made up of a turbocharged gasoline engine 1.3 with powers of 130 or 180 hp, plus the 60 hp produced by the electric motor, adding one 190 hp total combined power (Limited version), CO2 emissions of 48 g / 100km and a combined consumption of 2.1 l / 100 km or 240 hp (Trailhawk and S), CO2 emissions of 53 g / 100km and a combined consumption of 2.2 l / 100 km. This system has an available torque of 250 Nm in the electric motor and 270 Nm in the thermal one. In addition, they have a six-speed automatic gearbox. They can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in approximately seven seconds and reach a top speed of 200 km / h (limited to 130 km / h if the vehicles are only running in electric mode).

Outstanding performance combined with great efficiency. Both models declare 50 kilometers of electric autonomy with a maximum speed of 130 km / h, using only the electric drive. This means that in Spain they receive the Zero emissions label, which is why they benefit from the Moves Plan, as well as other advantages.

In both the Renegade and Compass, the 11.4 kWh battery is under the rear seats and on the floor, maintaining the livability of the non-hybrid versions. In a 2.3 kW household outlet, recharge in less than five hours and in a 7.4 kW wallbox in one hour and forty minutes.

But this advanced plug-in hybrid mechanics is not the only technological advance of the new Renegade and Compass. The first has the system Uconnect Box that provides access to new Uconnect Services and the new mobile application My Uconnect, in 8.4-inch NAV systems, it offers advanced on-board connectivity and a series of useful services for greater safety and comfort.

And the Compass, in addition to setting new heights in terms of style, technology, safety, sustainability and functionality, anticipates design elements that will appear in the brand’s next models. It also features the Uconnect 5 infotainment system and Highway Assist, a driver assistance system for level 2 autonomous driving.

Jeep Renegade 4xe, is available with an exclusive financing offer of only 260 euros per month, while the fee in the case of the Compass 4xe It is 280 euros per month . Both have 3 year warranty, 3 year maintenance and servicios premium.

The most capable Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler 4xe it is powered by combining a gasoline engine 2.0 turbocharged 272 hp of power associated with an eight-speed automatic gearbox signed by ZF with two electric motors, one for starting, to generate power and to support the rest of the propellants; and another with 145 hp and 245 Nm of maximum torque that works in hybrid mode and in 100% electric mode. Together they add up 380 hp power and 637 Nm of maximum torquemaking it instantly the most powerful Wrangler available.

A 17.4 kWh battery guarantees energy to circulate more than 53 kilometers in 100% electric mode in an urban environment and around 45 kilometers on other types of road, which makes the DGT ‘zero emissions’ label on your windshield. For charging, Jeep has opted to limit it to low powers, 7.4 kW or less, which takes two and a half hours to reach 100%. Consumption in hybrid mode, according to Jeep, is 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers, 4.1 liters in the case of the Rubicon.

This ultra-efficient version of the Wrangler keeps off-road capability intact 4×4, since the brand has transformed its vehicle into a plug-in car without eliminating any system previously present. The battery is located under the rear bench, also maintaining the full capacity of the trunk, 533 liters. In the Sahara and 80th Anniversary finishes It has the Selec-Trac system, which will adapt the traction and torque delivery to the needs of the terrain. The Rubicon will continue to count on him Rock-Trac, with four traction options that go from two wheels without gearboxes to all-wheel drive with gearbox.

In addition, it equips the limited slip differential, Dana axles, electric lock of both axles or, in the case of the Rubicon, the front stabilizer bar disconnect, among many other systems that guarantee good behavior off the asphalt. In addition, with electrification, the Wrangler benefits from the benefits of electrical power, such as instantaneous torque. Finally, for the first time the frontal camera, which improves visibility on difficult terrain.

The Wrangler 4xe You also enjoy a financing campaign that allows you to enjoy it from just 360 euros per month with 3 year warranty and 3 years of maintenanceto included.

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