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Jeff Bezos, “don’t come back!” – Information

Firms have not stopped joining a hyperbolic appeal launched on the digital platform so that the richest man in the world stays forever in space.

The American Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon intends to make a space travel on july 20 and many would apparently like him not to return to Earth.

The promoter of such a request considers that type of travel a real “slap to the working class.” He and those who try to emulate him in that adventure should dedicate their billions to better causes.

His multiple detractors accuse Bezos having made his immense fortune, that the magazine of the rich Forbes currently estimated at about $ 200 billion, at the expense not only of your employees, but also of your competitors.

According to documents obtained by the ProPublica internet portal, BezosLike the 25 richest Americans, they have barely paid taxes to the Treasury and there were years when they supposedly did not pay any.

As denounced by the veteran Democratic senator and frustrated candidate for the candidacy of that party to Bernie Sanders White House, “The rich have money, the rich have power, they also have lobbyists and do not pay what they owe to the treasury.”

It seems to be most worrying, however, American government, However, it is not the tax evasion but the leaks: a spokesman for the Treasury He has tasked the FBI with trying to find out who is responsible.

It is about killing the messenger, as in the cases of Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, whom the US Justice persecutes for having revealed to the world the abuses by the superpower of human rights or the laws of war.

For the senator and former Democratic candidate for the Elizabeth Warren White House, Bezos’s space trip “will be financed by all the Americans who paid their taxes so that he doesn’t have to.”

Bezos is surely the person who has benefited the most from the current pandemic in the world thanks to the greater use of citizens to Amazon during confinements.

Last year the business did so well for the company that it hired half a million additional workers, his shares soared in the stock market and Bezos’ personal fortune increased by more than $ 70 billion.

The current valuation of the company founded by who started as an internet book provider from a garage in the city of Seattle, 1.7 trillion dollars.

With the years, Amazon It has become a kind of universal warehouse that allows anyone, wherever they live, to reach what they need and, moreover, in a minimum of time.

Amazon has expanded its activities to stationary commerce, sells its own electronic material, offers video services similar to those of Netflix, for which it was even allowed to buy the centennial studio of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer, for which he paid $ 8.4 billion.

And something that barely has anything to do with internet commerce, but is highly profitable such as its cloud storage services (AWS).

But Bezos’s company has been accused of abusing his ruling power to try to end competition, impose leonine conditions on its partners and continuously exploit and monitor not to allow even a respite to those who work in its logistics centers. In light of all this, should we be surprised by the extravagant request in

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