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JENNIFER LÓPEZ | The 6 tricks to lose weight fast of the singer

Meet diets for losing weight or losing weight after the excesses of summer is one of the goals we set for ourselves in September. Haylie Pomroy, nutritionist of the american artist Jennifer Lopez, offers some keys to accelerate our metabolism and keep our Health. Not everything is based on controlling food of our diet and burn calories making physical exercise non-stop.

Reese Witherspoon is another of the celebrities who have put themselves in the hands of Pomroy, who has a very clear message: choose your meals right at the right times to increase the rate of metabolism and achieve visible results in the body and also in health. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about being healthy, having more energy or having a better skin tone.

The nutritionist proposes six principles to have a healthy metabolism. He does it in his new book “Metabolism Revolution”.

Eat something within 30 minutes of waking up

There are many theories about having breakfast or not. There are those who defend the importance of this food and there are those who prefer to do, for example, cardiovascular exercises in the morning while fasting to burn more fat. Pomroy is one of those who believe that eat breakfast as soon as you get up to give your body gasoline. From there, you can have a mid-morning snack and, in general, eat about every three hours to keep your metabolism active.

Real Food

Pomroy is an advocate of “realfooding“or what has become” real food. “You have to eat real, unprocessed foods: fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, eggs, fish …

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Eat varied

One of the reasons people get bored with diets is because they always eat the same thing. In the variety of foods is the key to always eat healthy without throwing in the towel. To do this, Pomroy recommends planning weekly menus so as not to fall into last-minute temptations due to lack of ideas when preparing food. The idea is to combine different vegetables, fruits and proteins throughout the week.

Jennifer Lopez, and la Gala MET 2021. EFE

Not counting calories

We already know that the only way slim down It goes through achieving a caloric deficit, but you don’t have to lose your head. Counting calories is a mistake because it makes us focus on the quantity of food and not its quality. According to Pomroy, if we eat little, the metabolism slows down and “even lettuce will be stored as fat”. It is better to focus on the quality of the food and not the quantity.

Eat what you like

Eating something we like stimulates the secretion of endorphins and reduces stress. This makes the metabolism better. The nutritionist’s recommendation is to eat what we like, but in the healthiest way possible. Pizza, for example, is allowed but better if it is homemade and with good ingredients.

Strategic exercise

Do exercise yes, but not in any way. It is not enough to do cardiovascular workouts (running, cycling, elliptical) you have to combine it with strength exercise (dumbbells). Before training, he recommends eating a healthy snack (a fruit, for example) to stimulate fat burning.

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