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Known for its wines, its horses, the Motorcycle Grand Prix and flamenco (Lola Flores was born here), Jerez de la Frontera has become one of the largest sets in Andalusia. The Serie Temperance, based on the best seller by María Dueñas, and the film The summer we live, which will hit theaters on December 4, share some of the locations with which to travel in a suggestive cinephile route this municipality of the province of Cádiz of 200,000 inhabitants. A route to do or to see through the screen.

The interior of the convent of Santo Domingo served to recreate, in the third season of 'The Crwon', a hospital in Greece where the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh led a religious congregation
The interior of the convent of Santo Domingo served to recreate, in the third season of ‘The Crwon’, a hospital in Greece where the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh led a religious congregation

The Film Office of Jerez, a unit of the City Council in charge of promoting filming in the city, tells that the technical team of The Crown —The successful Netflix series about the reign of Isabel II that has just premiered its fourth season— was so amazed by its exceptional geographical location that he decided to set up the operational unit for filming the third installment here, which was also filmed on stages in Seville , Cádiz and Malaga. Specifically, for this historical fiction the convent of Santo Domingo, whose Gothic cloister stands out for its splendid beauty, was transformed into a hospital and dining room for the sick. But already at the end of the eighties of the last century, the director Steven Spielberg saw the possibilities that the city had, settling in a chalet to shoot some scenes of The Sun’s empire (1987) in the marshes of Trebujena.

For the spectacular metamorphosis of Jerez, the one originated during the filming of Temperance, the adaptation of the novel by María Dueñas, which will soon be released by Amazon Prime Video. In October 2019 the series paralyzed the historic center, forcing the elimination of traffic signs and other elements that were anachronistic. Set at the end of the 19th century and starring Leonor Watling and Rafael Novoa, tells of the origin of the wine empire when trade with England turned the Andalusian city into one of the most cosmopolitan enclaves in the world (in fiction, with the wineries Lustau background). From the Film Office they anticipate that they will develop a tourist route that runs through its attractive locations, among them the Cabildo Viejo, in the Plaza de la Asunción, one of the best samples of the local Renaissance, which becomes this new fiction outside the city. Soledad Montalvo’s house upon her return to Jerez. Another arrival, that of Mauro Larrea to the town, was filmed in the central Plaza del Arroyo.

Unavoidable stop is the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art (Avenida del Duque de Abrantes), where the London Gentlemen’s Club was recreated. This is a common movie setting, such as Woman on Top (1999), by Bigas Luna, which recounts the murder of the Duchess of Alba (with a procession through the old town included), and also series, such as the French Love at first sight in Andalusia (Love at first sight in Andalusia), about the attraction between a French woman and a Spaniard. This miniseries also shows one of the traditional neighborhoods where flamenco art bustles, that of Santiago, also the star of the video clip Jerez of the native José Mercé y Tomatito, along with other points of interest such as bodegas González Byass or the cathedral, in Plaza Encarnación.

Blanca Suárez and Javier Rey during the filming of the movie 'The summer we live' on the roof of the Alcázar de Jerez.
Blanca Suárez and Javier Rey during the filming of the movie ‘The summer we live’ on the roof of the Alcázar de Jerez.

This superb 17th-century temple has been the setting for numerous shootings. In addition to the scenes related to Soledad’s wedding in Temperance, at its entrance was installed the press in which the footprint of Lucía’s grape is recreated, the heir to some wineries in The summer we live, by the director Carlos Sedes. Following in the footsteps of this story about an impossible love with its protagonist, Blanca Suárez, has its charm: Lucía faints in the Plaza de la Asunción and in Rafael Rivero’s she kisses with the character played by Javier Rey. We will see Pablo Molinero, an enterprising winemaker in the film, taste amontillados and cut sticks in González Byass and we will enjoy with him an improvised Jerez fair in the Alameda Vieja area (Puerto, 101). It is not the first time for Blanca Suárez in this city, which has already filmed here Orange honey (2012), by Imanol Uribe. On that occasion, the Plaza de la Asunción returned to the 1950s and the Jerezano cinema was recovered, designed by the Madrid architect José María P. Garrido, inaugurated in 1948 and closed at the end of the 1990s. Other scenes were recorded in the Monumental Complex of the Alcázar (Alameda Vieja, s / n), a legacy of Al Andalus, from the late 12th century, which includes a mosque and some baths. In Bear kiss (2002), with Ariadna Gil in the cast, the Assumption was the setting for a party and the cathedral served as a context for acrobatic games.

Cadiz tricks

Another location of Temperance It is the Palacio de Campo Real (Benavente Alto, 6), one of the most important stately mansions located in medieval Jerez —data of 1545—, which will simulate Mexico and Cuba on the screen. It is not the first time Jerez has disguised himself. Did it in Camarena (The Drug War) (1990), with Benicio del Toro, who converted La Vega, a cafeteria located next to the central food market, into a Mexican bar, and a chase was filmed in the bullring. In Liberator (2013), Edgar Ramírez, like Simón Bolívar, stars in a battle scene for the independence of Venezuela in the Plaza del Mercado, in the heart of San Mateo, one of the mythical neighborhoods of the town. Another neighborhood, La Granja, appears in the drama Roof and food (2015), in which lives a woman (Natalia de Molina) who is going to be evicted and seeks life on Calle Larga to get out of her precarious economic situation.

Other films where you can discover Jerez among its stills while we live between movement restrictions that limit travel? The winery (1939), based on the novel by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, with Concha Piquer, in which the wineries of the Dupont family appear; Cuba (1979), with Sean Connery; The law of Desire (1987), by Pedro Almodóvar, which filmed on Calle del Porvenir, or Manolete (2008), with Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz as actress Lupe Sino.

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