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Jerry Jones still upset over Cowboys’ wild card loss: ‘I can’t get over what we did in the playoffs’

It’s safe to say that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones still hasn’t gotten over his team’s 23-17 playoff loss to the 49ers.

Jones expressed his disappointment immediately after Sunday’s game, sharing mixed feelings about the end of the season. He was proud of what the team accomplished overall, but was upset that the season ended prematurely again.

opened a little more in his interview with Dallas radio station 105.3 The Fan on Friday.

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“Let me be very clear, one of the things that bothers me is I don’t like this, ‘Well, we have to work on this in the offseason, we have to work on this.'” I’m not going for that,” Jones said, via The Athletic. “I want those things to be acknowledged and addressed after we play Tampa (in Week 1) after Game 1, or after we play Game 6. . I don’t want to wait until we’re sitting here with no season left to address these things that we’re doing or not doing. All of that is in the mix here and it’s part of what I do. This is how I do it, as you know, the final decision in these coaches is the one that I have to make. .”

Regarding coach Mike McCarthy’s future with the organization, Jones said he has “a lot to think about with regards to these coaches.” This statement comes days after Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said he was “very confident” McCarthy would remain as head coach. Now, it seems, that could be in doubt. This was only McCarthy’s second year in charge of the Cowboys.

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The Cowboys won the NFC East this year and made the playoffs for the first time since 2018, which is the last time they also won a playoff game. Jones said he believes in Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper, to name a couple, but hasn’t seen the team execute on its postseason plans in recent years.

“I’m very, very frustrated and upset. We’ve used some very talented players over the last couple of years,” Jones said.

Jones was even asked about the AT&T Stadium quirks that stood out during Sunday’s game, which included a punt that hit the giant scoreboard over midfield and the sun shining through the windows making it difficult for players to see and fans.

“I wish all I cared about was a ball hitting (the big) screen (or the sun coming through the windows),” Jones said. “That’s about 10,000 on my list to worry about.”

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