Friday, December 3

Jesús González, former Sandra Crespo (‘GH 6’), denies his version: “He has two lines to talk to my children whenever he wants”

The ex-driver of Isabel Pantoja, Jesús González, has denied this afternoon any statement issued by Sandra Crespo, former contestant of ‘Big Brother 6’, on the afternoon of Saturday August 14 in ‘Viva la Vida’, referring to the non-existent possibility of getting in contact with them since he gave them to his father. In the same program, and through a phone call, the father of the three children from his previous marriage to the French woman denies committing vicarious violence and she assures that no one, neither she nor the children’s grandmother, has picked up the phone in the last 15 days that their children have been with him. Nor have they come to visit them, living “just 100 meters away” in the Levantine town of Benidorm (Alicante).

The story, which takes a 180-degree turn with this new chapter, and from which González completely detaches himself as the culprit, throwing each of his words to the ground, now points to the former participant and reveals his version. Crespo announced on August 14 the aforementioned program that his ex-partner did not allow him to establish telephone contact with his three children -Aaliyah, Yahëlle and Shyloh-, which the former employee of the tonadillera has denied, stating that Sandra does not tell things as they are and revealing that she has not yet contacted the minors, regretting her appearance in the media to denounce a situation that she can solve herself by accessing one of the two lines that provide telephone access to her children: “You can’t call my phone but you can have contact with other phones. “

Jesús González has reiterated on several occasions that Sandra Crespo can call her children, but assumes that the audience must understand that they themselves do not contact their mother due to their young age, despite the fact that they do have a telephone which Sandra can access to talk to them. “I find it shameful, a horror. I’ve been trying to protect them from all this for eleven years, from their own mother. “, Jesus revealed to Toñi Moreno and the rest of the collaborators of the space. “I do not forgive that I put my children through this shame,” he reproached him live. “I find everything that he is riding surprising.”

Recently, and before going by video call to his interview for the production of Quartz Producciones, Crespo had raised his voice on social networks, through his Instagram profile, to report what happened: “I have been since day 1 [de agosto] without knowing anything about my children, and I see that I will spend the whole month without knowing about them. I call and no one picks up the phone, they have even blocked my calls. If someone has seen them, contact me, this is no longer sustainable … I need to know about them, please, I need help !!! “.

In addition, Sandra Crespo once again took advantage of her appearance before the screens of Mediaset viewers, with the help of Toñi Moreno and Isabel Rábago, among other collaborators, to request that anyone who knew of her whereabouts let her know as soon as possible. On the other hand, he assured that the current partner of his former romantic partner also had a lot to do with all this, assuming that he did nothing to avoid the situation and allow him to know what state they are in: “This girl is another monster “.

For his part, Jesús González has wanted to make it clear at all times that it is really he who protects his children from their mother: “You have no idea of ​​the horror that I live because of him. I am the victim, the abused person, the one who has suffered harassment and demolition and whose life has been made impossible. I separated twelve years ago and I have the right to be happy, is it too much to ask that they leave us alone? You have no idea who this person is. ” “I separated from Sandra so that my children are happy and I see that they are still screwing my life“, he added, as part of his testimony, despite the fact that Crespo revealed that he had filed more than 20 complaints against the father of his children for threats and insults.

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