Thursday, October 28

Jesús Santrich dies: FARC dissidents confirm the death of the guerrilla commander in Venezuelan territory

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Jesus Santrich

Image source, AFP


Jesús Santrich was wanted by the justice of Colombia and the United States.

The dissident group of the FARC to which the guerrilla commander alias Jesús Santrich belonged confirmed his death in Venezuelan territory on Tuesday.

According to a statement from the guerrilla group, Santrich, whose real name was Seuxis Paucias Hernández Solarte, died “in an ambush carried out by commandos of the Colombian army on May 17.”

Different Colombian media handle different versions: some say that he died in a confrontation with another group of the FARC dissidents, others that he was killed by mercenaries and there is also talk that he was killed in an operation by the Venezuelan Army.

Santrich, a former commander of the FARC guerrilla and who came to take office as an official member of the House of Representatives of the Colombian Congress after the signing of the peace agreement in that country, was wanted by Interpol.

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