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Jets’ Mark Scheifele suspended four games for collecting: explaining NHL decision

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety issued its latest suspension Thursday night, announcing that the Jets will be without Mark Scheifele for the next four games.

Scheifele charged at Canadiens forward Jake Evans in Game 1 of the teams’ second-round series. He will miss games 2-5 of the best of seven. Winnipeg is down 1-0 entering Game 2 on Saturday.

Evans, who scored his first career postseason goal in the game, will be out indefinitely.

Why was Mark Scheifele suspended?

In the final minute of the opener of Wednesday’s series between the Jets and the Canadiens, Montreal’s Jake Evans skidded full blast across the ice, grabbed a loose puck and scored an empty goal with 56.9 seconds left in the game. regulation time. While he was giving his team a 5-3 lead (which would be the final score), Evans was equaled by Winnipeg’s Mark Scheifele, who delivered a strong, high, unsuspecting blow.

(WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some viewers.)

“I think it’s disgusting, there’s no respect for the other players,” Canadiens center Jesperi Kotkaniemi said after the game.

Evans hit the ice hard and lay on the ground for a considerable time before being removed on a stretcher. He lifted his thumb as he came out of the ice. Scheifele received a greater than five minutes for charging and misconduct in the game.

“He’s better. We have our two doctors with us, so they treated him last night. They didn’t feel the need to take him to the hospital, which was good news,” Canadiens coach Dominique Ducharme said Thursday, adding. Evans has a concussion. “Certainly some time will be wasted, a lot of time, but it’s hard to judge (how much) at this point.”

What is the NHL rule on charging?

According to NHL Rule 42, a penalty for collecting:

  • It will be imposed on a player who skids, jumps or charges against an opponent in any way.
  • Charge will mean the actions of a player who, as a result of the distance traveled, will violently control an opponent in any way.
  • A “charge” can be the result of a check on the boards, in the goal frame or on open ice.
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The NHL’s Department of Player Safety said Thursday that Scheifele moved “with excessive momentum while traveling a considerable distance” and not only terminated her control violently, but also made “significant head contact” that resulted in an injury. As noted, Ducharme announced that Evans has a concussion.

Scheifele, who was allowed to tell his side, noticed he was making a defensive play and trying to avoid a goal. Decision makers thought otherwise, as he never played the puck and “conceded the empty goal … [and] that his intention in this play is to make a strong and violent check to an opponent with the result of both the play and the game already decided. “

“It seemed so unnecessary,” Canadiens forward Paul Byron said Thursday. “Everybody knew he was going to score the goal. It doesn’t seem like he (Scheifele) went to great lengths to stop the goal. Seeing your teammate, your friend lying on the ice like that, it’s all terrible. We are wishing Jake the best. We hope he’s okay. “

Not everyone shared the same perspective on the work.

“He’s a big, strong, powerful man who can skate. To try to cut that play, he was skating pretty well. He wasn’t getting the hit in any way,” Jets coach Paul Maurice said a few hours. before the suspension dropped, adding that it was a clean hit.

“It was an incredible hit. It was tough. Good for Evans, he took the hit to make the play.”

How long does Mark Scheifele’s suspension last?

As mentioned, Scheifele received a four-game suspension. Among the hockey community, postseason games, especially second-round games, have more importance and weight; therefore, this suspension is considered equivalent to about 10 games in the regular season.

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He’s eligible to return for Game 6 of the series if he reaches that point.

“The game is not the same as it was in the 1990s. We are trying to eliminate shots like this that are dangerous,” Byron said. “I heard from players who said that he (Evans) needs to defend himself, but on a play like that, make a detour, there is no chance to protect himself.

“We didn’t like the hit. It was dirty.”

Losing Scheifele leaves a huge void in the Jets’ offense. The center-back led the team in assists (42) and points (63) during the regular season. In five postseason games, he scored two goals and three assists.

“If we miss Mark, I think we will possibly miss our best player for a long time, and I think you saw the effect of that in the bubble,” Andrew Copp said before suspension was dropped. “I think now we are better equipped to handle an injury like this. So the guys will have to take their place if that’s the case. We have to find a way to win the next game. I think that’s all we have to do. “We are concerned for now. We are not concerned with any goal or whatever they say in the media. I think we’re worried about going ahead and winning Game 2. It’s a great fucking game for us. “

In last year’s summer bubble, the Jets lost several players, including Scheifele, to injury. Winnipeg lost in four games to the Flames.

What if the series ends before Game 6?

If the series ends before Game 6, Scheifele’s suspension will carry over to the 2021-22 regular season. From now on, he will automatically serve in three of the four postseason games.

How long will Jake Evans be out?

Evans is indefinitely unconscious with a concussion. He was not taken to a hospital Wednesday and was seen getting on the team bus after the game.

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Montreal will surely exercise due diligence on the young forward. You have a history of concussions. In September 2018, they took him out on a stretcher following a hard blow of the Senators’ Jonathan Aspirot during the NHL rookie showdown. He was taken to the hospital after that play.

Why was the suspension four games?

There were a number of mitigating factors in the decision. Scheifele’s hearing was not in person; therefore, the maximum number of games he could have received was five. The decision was based on Scheifele’s action, injury and previous infraction history, which is none.

Scheifele had never been suspended, or even fined, before. He has played in 575 regular season and 33 postseason games and he had only one major foul and three fouls. His only major was for dropping the gloves on the Hurricanes’ Brett Pesce during the 2019-20 season. by hockeyfights.com. The misconduct in Wednesday’s game was the first of his career.

“He’s obviously one of my best friends and I know he doesn’t play the game in a cruel way or anything like that,” Josh Morrissey of the Jets said Thursday. “I know the last thing you can do is try to hurt someone. Obviously, as you said, the unfortunate outcome of the hit and everyone’s immediate concern goes to the safety and health of Jake Evans when he’s in danger. Distress on ice. “.

Who else has been suspended in the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs?

Scheifele is the fifth player to be suspended this postseason. The previous four:

VGK Ryan reaves Match penalty 2 games
COLUMN Nazem Kadri Illegal check to the head 8 sets
EDM Josh archibald Cutout 1 set
FLA Sam bennett Shipment 1 set


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