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Jill Biden, the woman who fell in love with the US president after seeing her photo on a bus canopy

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 – 01:38

The president-elect’s brother got Jill’s phone number and set up a blind date. He asked her for marriage up to five times.

Joe Biden kisses his wife, Jill, in a recent photo.

Joe Biden kisses his wife, Jill, in a recent photo.

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    Joe and Jill Biden’s love story: “He had to propose to me five times”

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    Joe Biden: his first wife and daughter died in an accident; his first-born, cancer and the second has been a drug addict

“Mom, I’ve finally met a gentleman,” she exclaimed Jill Tracy Jacobs (69) after her first informal date with Joe Biden (77), with whom she had gone to the cinema to see a movie. The then senator – one of the youngest in the history of the country – accompanied him home as all the boys used to do at that time and, instead of saying goodbye with a kiss, he shook his hand.

Frankie, the politician’s brother, had gotten him the girl’s phone and they orchestrated a Blind Date in March 1975 that soon turned into something much deeper and more serious. Jill was cautious. At 18 he had already married with a former American football player with whom he founded the Stone Balloon bar, not far from the University of Delaware, becoming one of the most emblematic places of entertainment among American students.

As time passed, the couple discovered that their roadmap was completely different, so they at 23 she was already divorced. It was a pretty tough separation, especially because his ex did not give him the rights and benefits of the bar.

Finally, Jill and Joe were married in 1977. The senator was beginning to heal the emotional and emotional wounds caused by the death in a car accident of his first wife, Neilia, and their young daughter, Naomi, in 1972. became a mother to her husband’s other two children, Beau and Hunter. The politician asked her for her hand up to five times, but she resisted because she wanted to be sure.

Her blue eyes, her blonde hair, her constant smile and her desire to eat life in bites had captivated many boys. He liked to have fun and had dates that sometimes lasted several sighs. Jill always liked being an independent woman. At 15 he decided to forge his own path, he wanted to have his own identity and earn his own money. Her first job was as a waitress.

Despite being a rebellious student, she was always very responsible. In time, it was also occasional model for a local agency. When Joe saw his picture on the marquee of a bus stop, he was knocked out. At the time he did not know what his life was in store for him.

Biden and his wife, during the campaign
Biden and his wife, during the presidential campaign.

Jill was born in the state of New Jersey and is the oldest of the five daughters – Jan, Bonny, Kelly and Kim – of a middle class marriage since his father worked in a bank and his mother was a homemaker. For Jill, her father was always a hero, a resilient person who suffered the slights of his in-laws since they felt superior to their parents because they owned a pharmacy in Willow Grove, on the outskirts of Philadelphia, a city in the United States. exhibiting one of the nation’s most important symbols, the Liberty Bell.

Unlike many of their neighbors, the Jacobs were not very religious, but in her teens Jill decided to become involved in the work of the Presbyterian church. There he began to shape values ‚Äč‚Äčthat he has always tried to convey through his work as English teacher in different institutes and even in a psychiatric center. “Teaching is not what I do. It is what I am,” I tweeted a few weeks ago.

After graduating he continued betting on his career and at the age of 55 he received his doctorate in education. That’s why it has already threatened They have to continue transmitting their knowledge in educational centers, even if it is the new tenant of the White House. Nor forget your philanthropic vein as she continues tirelessly in her fight for children without resources to have access to school supplies and supports different causes related to breast cancer. And of course it is the antithesis of the vase woman who is still Melania Trump.

This is nothing new since Jill combined her teaching work with that of being the wife of the Vice President of the United States during the term of Barack Obama (2009-2017). The couple have a daughter, Ashley (39), which has been one of the main supports during the presidential candidacy.

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