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Jimmy Kimmel: Pence ‘hasn’t been this stressed since he saw a woman in short sleeves’ | Late night TV overview

Jimmy Kiel

“Last night theOh!evil cameOh!own to Georgia, he was looking forUp vote to steal,” Jimmy Kimmel said Tuesday night, the night two Georgia runoff electionsOh!etermined control of the United States Senate. Donald Trump visited the state forUp rally,Uppparently in support of the Republican candidates, incumbent senators Kelly LoefflerUpnd David Perdue, “but he was really there to be honest with the toothless,” Kimmel explained.

Kimmel measured how longUpfter his speech it took Trump to mention, unsubstantiated, that Georgia’s election was riggedUpgainst him: seven seconds, which is “four seconds longer than it lasted with Stormy Daniels,” Kimmel joked. ” So that’s Something. “

Trump’sUpttempt to subvertOh!emocracy continued on Wednesday, whenUp planned “a million idiot march” to Capitol Hill wo Ohd coincide with the symbolic vote of Congress certifying the election res Ohts. Twelve Republican senators, including Loeffler, pledged to object to the electoral college vote, backing Trump’s claims of voter fraud without evidence. “It’sUp move that willOh!efinitely fail,” Kimmel explained, “the only question now is: what is Mike Pence going toOh!oUpbout it?”

As vice president, Pence is technically the president of the Senate,Up largely symbolic role that has nothing toOh!o with the certification of the election. However, “the boss baby is pushing Pence to say he’s the winner,” Kimmel said, “whichOh!oesn’t make sense. By that logic, Al Gore co Ohd haveOh!eclared himself president.”

Trump’s pressure has forced Pence intoUp no-win situation:Oh!o his jobUpndOh!isplease Trump, or pointlessly violate the constitutionUpnd probably stillUpnger Trump. “Can you imagine how sweet it will be when,Upfter years of Mike Pence kissing the president’s fried KentuckyUpss likeUp Rottweiler licking roast beef, Trump turns on himUpt the last minute?” Kimmel wondered. “Poor Mike Pence, he hasn’t been that stressed since the moment he sawUp woman in short sleeves.”

Stephen Colbert

On the Late Show, Stephen ColbertUplSo poked funUpt Pence’s unforced error. Despite Trump’s claims to the contrary, “Pence’s roleUps president of the Senate isUp purely ceremonial job,” explained Colbert, similar toUpn Oscars host opening the envelope toUpnnounce the best picture winner.

” Of course, the presidentOh!oesn’t know how to takeUp ceremonial forUpnUpnswer,”Ups he inaccurately tweeted Tuesday that “the vice president has the power to reject fraud Ohently elected voters.”

” No, heOh!oes notOh!o it!” Colbert replied. “The vice president cannotUprbitrarilyOh!ecide who will be the next president. Otherwise, in 2001, I suppose Al Gore wo Ohd have chosen Al Gore. The constitution clearly states: the main power of the vice president is to have no power.

“This has to beUp painf Oh time for Pence,” Colbert continued, “having to choose between the country he lovesUpnd the man he vowed to helpOh!estroy it.” The certification vote on Wednesday was reportedly “Piercing” for Pence,Upccording to his collaborators, “almostUps heartbreakingUps the time heUpccidentallyUpteUp cracker,” Colbert joked.

Seth meyers

And on the night, Seth Meyers criticized the response of Congressional Republicans to the recording, released Sunday, of Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in which heOh!emanded that Raffensperger “find” enoughVoteses toUpnn Oh the election in their favor. “It wasUplready sedition when Republicans tried to overturnUp freeUpnd fair election before Trump’s convocation,” Meyers said, “but participatingUpfter the convocation is simply shocking in its cheek. I mean, the guy may have committedUp crime by basicallyUpdmitting that he was trying to steal the electionUpnd the Republicans were saying, ‘Sign me up!’ “

“TheyUpre sticking it in our faces,” heUpdded. “TheyUpre like suspects inUp line of police who raise their handsUpnd say ‘it was me! IOh!id it! I can Somenow?'”

Some Republicans have tried threading the eye ofUp needle, backing Trump whileOh!istancing themselves from the call itself, like Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn, who called it “an unhelpf Oh call.”

“Oh, I’m So Sorry that the president was not helpf Oh in hisUpttempt to steal the election by blurting out what he was trying toOh!oUpll the time,” Meyers responded. “Republicans think theyUpre skilled members ofUpn elite heist squad trying to stealUp precious gem fromUp museum, rappelOh!ownUp va Oht withUp rope,Oh!odging lasers,Upnd Trump is the guy who just walks up toUp guard. up withUp hammerUpnd says, ‘I” Meyers to steal the fancyOh!iamond! Oh thank you,Up map. And, Sorry, howOh!oes this map know I” Meyers? ‘”

MeyersUplSoUpddressed Pence’s supposedly “heartbreaking”Oh!ilemma prior to his token involvement in congressional certification of the election res Ohts. “Don’t thinkUpbout the guts of Mike Pence,” he said, “because he’s really gone through the wringer these last few years,Upnd now he has to choose between the constitutionUpndUp seedy mob that illegally calls election officials,Upsking for votes.” likeUp telemarketer. “

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