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JLo: Jennifer Lopez and Álex Rodríguez separate after three years engaged | People

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, at the International Festival in Palm Springs, California on January 2, 2020.
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, at the International Festival in Palm Springs, California on January 2, 2020.MARIO ANZUONI / Reuters

Latin singer and icon Jennifer Lopez won’t be celebrating her fourth nuptials to baseball player Alex Rodriguez after all. The couple, who had been engaged since 2019, have separated after twice postponing their wedding, as exclusively reported by the magazine Page Six. The couple had been going to therapy together during their quarantine, and after postponing their union due to the pandemic they have finally decided to go their separate ways.

The details of the split are still unclear. The American tabloid points out that Rodríguez was having a parallel relationship by video call with the star of a reality show, Madison LeCroy. However, the same medium points out that there are sources that deny that there was something physical between them and that they are only known. Rodríguez had already set off alarms of a possible breakup in 2019 before committing to Lopez. Then, the porn actress, former bodybuilder and ex-Playboy girl Zoe Gregory claimed that Rodríguez was sending her messages of sexual content and explicit photos for about a month, from Christmas until the end of January of that year. That is, just six weeks before the athlete asked the New York star to marry him. Despite everything, the couple ignored the scandal and continued with their wedding plans.

Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer Lopez met when she was still married to Marc Anthony, the father of her two children. He began his courtship with the baseball star a few years after their separation in 2017. He, of Dominican descent, was the Cristiano Ronaldo of baseball, as well as a businessman and a television personality. When in March of that year rumors of a possible courtship with JLo began to spread, a source assured the US media that Lopez “seems excited”, but that “she is aware that he is a womanizer and that is why she is being cautious.” . The caution ended when the athlete gave her a million dollar engagement ring after two years of relationship. “We love each other and we love our life together. We are both very aware of how lucky we are to have met, “said the interpreter in an interview with People.

Lopez had started the year in style by interpreting This land is your land at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. At that moment his voice became the most powerful of the Latinos in the United States and he added some verses in Spanish demanding “freedom and justice for all.” Rodríguez attended the event to support her and both gave the cameras a kiss that showed the strength of the couple, who a few months earlier were trying to fulfill a common dream of buying the New York Mets baseball team, one of the most important parts of the world.

However, Lopez’s fourth wedding remained undated. The singer had already been married three times: to actor Ojani Noa, dancer Cris Judd, and singer Marc Anthony, father of her twins Emme and Max. She also had a relationship with actor Ben Affleck. The party in style to celebrate Rodríguez and Lopez’s engagement in 2019 had set very high expectations for the wedding that remained to be determined. In their social networks, both published some photos with the couple’s daughters: Emme, of JLo from her previous marriage with Marc Anthony, and Ella, the youngest daughter of ARod with his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis. The couple always assured that the key to the success of their relationship was that their respective children feel comfortable with their union. “Our children have become best friends and that keeps us both connected and grateful. We couldn’t have asked for anything better for the four of them to get along with each other, ”explains the former baseball player in this joint interview. “I loved his children very much and he loved and accepted mine, who immediately embraced,” adds the artist.

After four years of relationship, the idyllic couple has ended their romance. On social media, the 51-year-old Lopez has been posted on her Instagram account from the Dominican Republic, where she is filming her latest movie Shotgun Wedding. “Find a good reason to smile,” the actress had also written in some photos in which she laughs. Separately, the billionaire businessman Rodríguez uploaded photos from a yacht in Miami in which he invited his followers to tell them about his plans for the weekend.

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