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Joan Canadell, the ‘ultraindepe’ geek who seduces Puigdemont

Saturday, December 19, 2020 – 01:39

The current president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce is the new guiol of the former president for Junts per Catalunya. He calls the constitutionalist Catalans “colonists” and defends pilgrim ideas such as that Leonardo Da Vinci or Coln were Catalans.

Joan Canadell

Joan Canadell

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In the aftermath of a recent meal at the Circulo del Liceo, one of the few refuges left to the Barcelona bourgeoisie, a group of prominent men analyzed how, since the outbreak of the procs, the main institutions of Catalonia had been falling into the hands of the most independentism. radical and thunderous. In the conversation, nostalgia for lost power mixed with the smoke of some Petit Churchills and helplessness in the face of a new world dominated by populist codes, he was mentioned as an example of “the brains” that lead Catalonia to the abyss the name of Joan Canadell (53). Current president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the brand new commitment of Carles Puigdemont to act as his vicar in JxCat and, if Laura Borrs ends up being disqualified by the justice, he opts for the presidency of the Generalitat after the elections of February 14 .

Born in Barcelona in 1967, Canadell has spent a decade from being a three-to-quarter businessman, better known for the great stars that decorate his nine gas stations than for the (almost non-existent) benefit of his business, to presiding over the Chamber of Commerce. from Barcelona. Replacing Miquel Valls in May 2019, after defeating two characters from the establishment Catalan, such as the banker Carlos Tusquets and Enric Crous, former general director of the Fira de Barcelona and the Damm brewing company.

The unexpected victory of Canadell, married, father of three children and an industrial engineer, culminated an entry-level operation by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), which it later emulated in other Catalan institutions to extend the capacity of influence of the independence movement beyond the political sphere. The landing of Canadell in the Chamber, after a controversial vote that the Prosecutor’s Office now asks to annul after having found numerous irregularities, caused a great impact on the Barcelona business class, being a person outside the halls of power of the Catalan capital and presenting itself as the scourge of the “Upper Diagonal”, which is how the independence movement of the provinces identifies the bourgeois neighborhoods of the upper area of ​​Barcelona, ​​where in the hard years of the procs There were more flags of Spain than stars on the balconies.

Canadell, however, was already before presiding over the Chamber a character admired by radical separatism, due to a political activism in social networks and in nationalist associations that began in 2008 when the Catalan Business Circle was confused, entity that aims to bring together all the independentist business communityand to stand as an alternative employer to the historic Foment del Treball, which it considers a more Spanish phalanx

It is this activism, together with the determination of the upstart, which best defines Canadell, a regular beach volleyball player in Atmella del Valls, who had his political baptism as an ERC militant at the beginning of the century, with the tripartite government formed together to the PSC of Pasqual Maragall and Iniciativa per Catalunya. An alliance with the left that turns young Canadell’s guts, for consider it contrary to the “independence essence”, which led him to go with the counselor Joan Carretero to Reagrupament, a party again cuo and in tune with the xenophobic discourse of the Italian Liga Norte.

Canadell chatting with Torra
Canadell chatting with Torra

An ultra-nationalist radicalism that Canadell carries in his DNA – he usually calls Catalan constitutionalists “colonists” – and which has been increasing in parallel with the growth of his popularity. Thanks in part to all sorts of off-color and eccentricities, such as his public defense that Christopher Columbus, like the game of Chess or the United States flag, are of Catalan origin, which have earned him in addition to the label of supremacist. the geek. The first, thanks statements like the one made during the state of alarm, when he stated that “Spain is unemployment and death, Catalonia is life and the future. “Reinforcing the message of the Generalitat, then chaired by Quim Torra, so similar to Canadell in moral baseness, that Madrid had gone from” stealing “Catalonia to” infecting “it.

Another of his outstanding actions as president of the Chamber was to request the boycott of large companies such as La Caixa, El Corte Ingls or Repsol, considering them enemies of the Catalan people for not supporting the independence plans. Likewise, I recommend consuming services and products from companies that “They have nothing to do with the Ibex-35 or the BOE.”

The second label that he proudly carries is that of being an eccentric person and passionate about historical revisionism and strange theories. He is especially fascinated by the obscure and subsidized Institut Nova Historia, among whose contributions to universal historiography is the “discovery” that Leonado Da Vinci was actually Catalan and that the mountains he painted were not the Dolomites, but Montserrat. Thus adding, according to Canadell and his iconoclastic historians, to another long list of illustrious Catalans, including Shakespeare, Erasmus, Santa Teresa, Coprnico and Lope de Vega.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, Canadell once again demonstrated that his commercial sense of smell is not one of his virtues, not even with the help of TV3 as a showcase to promote the launch of a “100% Catalan” mask, which covers the entire head with a combination of plastic and cardboard, and which he recognized, in a gesture of sincerity that honors him, was not the safest on the market butmore “committed” to Catalonia. Undoubted advantage with its competitors that did not prevent the patriot mask from being a sales failure.

All this combination of xenophobia and magical thinking has ended up seducing Puigdemont, a man who loves to surround himself with eccentrics and fanatics, choosing him as her new guiol on JxCat, waiting for Canadell to be the president of the Generalitat and reactivate, with his directives from the lair of Waterloo, the breakthrough path of Catalan separatism.

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