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Joan Cardona, bronze, sweetens an unfortunate day for Spain in Enoshima



Joan Cardona defended eight points to achieve that first medal in the Tokyo Games for Spanish sailing. Placed within two points of silver, Cardona had no pressure to compete in this Medal Race in his bizarre Games debut and had only to sail with his head to maintain that previous bronze and try to take another step towards silver. It was about marking New Zealand and defending the medal because the Dutch, fifth, was already very far away.

Good start for Cardona, firm and determined to the lee of New Zealander Josh Junior and marking him from afar without losing the trail of the leaders, the Australian and the Hungarian Zsombor Berecz who was sailing to keep the silver. Bad regatta of the Spanish who lost positions in each section. He came to lose any chance of winning the medal, but in the last stage he managed to go up in a machado suffering every meter. This medal is highly commendable, Spain’s twentieth in sailing, which brings joy to a very difficult day for the Spanish Olympic team.

ORO Giles Scott (Gbr)

PLATA Zsombor Berecz (Hun)

BRONZE Joan Cardona (Esp)

Diego Botín and Iago López Marra
Diego Botín and Iago López Marra

Diploma for 49er

Diego Botín and Iago López Marra had ten points to win the bronze medal with many possibilities of being silver in the 49er class. Bad start of the Cantabrian with excess of responsibility and a lot of pressure, which did not let him think to try to tie the race following in the wake of the New Zealanders, who were the ones who had the good board. Little wind and high level between the 49ers and Spain, he was not entrusted to anyone and he did the regatta he thought he had to do. Great regatta for the British Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell, who deservedly won the Medal Race and snatched the gold from the greatest, New Zealanders Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, who did not have their day and did not pass third place in the final , achieving the silver medal.

The Germans Erik Heil and Thomas Ploessel were second in the Medal Race and with 70 points, the same as Botín and López Marra, they snatched the bronze from the Spanish, who in the end could not hold out in the top five and only achieved seventh place. Second Games frustrated for Diego Botín since in those of Rio 2016 they failed to enter the Medal Race.

ORO Dylan Fletcher / Stuart Bithell (Gbr)

PLATA Peter Burling / Blair Tuke (Nzl)

BRONCE Erik Heil / Thomas Ploessel (ale)

OLYMPIC DIPLOMA Diego Botín / Iago López Marra (fourth)

Támara Echegoyen and Paula Barceló
Támara Echegoyen and Paula Barceló – Maria Muiña

Diploma for FX

Very conservative start through the center of the fleet, little wind and some very tough rivals. With these premises Támara Echegoyen and Paula Barceló met, who started in fourth position and played against the Germans Tina Lutz and Susann Beucke in the Medal Race of the 49er FX class. First beat in seventh position, good first stern with an incident with the Germans, whom they touched with the asymmetric and were penalized, and a constant struggle to recover, but it could not be. Despite advancing positions, German and Dutch were a very big obstacle for the Spanish and in the end, after a very good last stern, sixths adding 12 points, which were insufficient to achieve that long-awaited bronze medal.

They stayed one point behind the metals and in fourth position, as it already happened in the Rio Games, but sailing is like that and more so in the Olympic Games where you have to be very temperate and cheeky to climb to the highest drawer. Támara Echegoyen has already had two chances to get her second gold and tie with Theresa Zabell, who has two golds in class 470 conquered at the Barcelona 92 ​​and Atlanta 96 Games and remains the only Spanish woman with two golds.

In the end and after a regatón the Brazilians Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze won by achieving a great third place after a close fight against the Germans Tina Lutz and Susann Beucke, who were fifth achieving silver and the Dutch Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz, who with their ninth place in the Medal Race they lost silver and had to settle for bronze. The Medal Race was won by the Argentine Victoria Travascio and Maria Sol Branz, who did not play anything.

GOLD Martine Graell / Kahena Kunze (Bra)

PLATA Tina Lutz / Susann Beucke (Ale)

BRONCE Annemiek Bekkering / Annette Duetz (Hol)

OLYMPIC DIPLOMA Támara Echegoyen / Paula Barceló (fourth)

Tara Pacheco and Florian Trittel
Tara Pacheco and Florian Trittel – Maria Muiña

Diploma for Nacra 17

A great start for Tara Pacheco and Florian Trittel in the Nacra 17 class Medal Race. They started from fifth position with very little chance of winning the medal, but they would have to fight stage by stage. You could see that the company was not easy at all, but Tara Pachecho and Florian Trittel tried to the end, going from more to less and turning in fifth, sixth and seventh position the three beacons they had to circumvent. In the end seventh in the Medal Race and Olympic Diploma.

Jordi Xammar and Nico Martínez
Jordi Xammar and Nico Martínez – Maria Muiña

Jordi Xammar, third and in the Medal Race

Jordi Xammar and Nico Rodríguez, with a fifth and a seventh place, concluded the 470 class fleet races in third position, four points from the silver medal and twenty-four from an already unattainable gold, which will be for the Australians Mathew Belcher and Will Ryan. The Medal race will be held tomorrow.

For their part, Silvia Mas and Patricia Cantero occupied the eleventh place and jo have entered the Medal Race of the women’s 470.

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