Thursday, December 8

Joan Castejón, Luis Ivars, Daniel G. Andújar and OtraDanza, among the winners of the Miguel Hernández Alicantina Culture Awards

The Alicante Provincial Council delivers this Saturday the Miguel Hernández Alicantina Culture Awards, recently created, which aim to give visibility to those people, entities and groups of the province that stand out in different areas of culture. The first vice president and deputy for Culture, Julia Parra, and the members of the jury Pilar Tébar and Francisco Escudero today announced the names of the winners in the different categories, with names such as OtraDanza, Daniel G. Andújar, Joan Castejón, Pilar Blanco, Javier Marco and Juan Luis Mira, among the twenty winners.

The gala will be held at 7 p.m. in the ADDA. Admission is free, upon collection of the invitation in the auditorium, until full capacity is reached. For the first time, Parra pointed out, the covid passport Upon entering the ADDA and an official document proving identity, as well as the use of a mask.

The awards

Consolidated career path:

  1. Book: Pilar Blanco

  2. Performing Arts: Juanjo Llorens

  3. Visual Arts: Joan Castejón

  4. Audiovisual: Luis Ivars

  5. Music: Marisa Blanes

New creators and cultural entrepreneurs:

  1. Book: José Mª Carcasés

  2. Performing Arts: OtraDanza

  3. Visual Arts: Reüll Group

  4. Audiovisual: Javier Marco

  5. Music: Javier Eguillor

Innovation to culture through information and communication technologies:

  1. Book: Project to digitize the documentary legacy of the poet Miguel Hernández carried out by the Instituto de Estudios Gienenses de la Diputación de Jaén

  2. Performing Arts: Juan Luis Mira Candel

  3. Visual Arts: Daniel G. Andújar

  4. Audiovisual: Mario-Paul Martínez

  5. Music: Ricardo Barefoot

Promotion and dissemination of popular culture:

  1. Book: Joan Borja

  2. Performing Arts: Mystery of Elche

  3. Visual Arts: Pottery Museum of Agost

  4. Audiovisual: “Treasures with history” program by À Punt

  5. Music: Orfeón Crevillentino

The prizes do not have an economic endowment and the winners, who will receive a trophy, have been selected by a jury, which has considered around fifty proposals.

Julia Parra has congratulated all those selected “which are only a few of all the candidacies that have been contemplated” and has highlighted that this initiative “will be a great opportunity to convey to the small and large promoters of culture the warmth and applause of the public”, a recognition “more necessary than ever, after some especially difficult years due to the hard interim imposed by the restrictions due to the pandemic ”.

Parra recalled that the initiative began to take shape a year ago, in the plenary session of November 2020, when the initial idea was unanimously approved.

The gala will be hosted by Luis Larrodera and will be enlivened with performances by the people from Alicante Ines Dominguez and the group Mailers.

Tickets can be collected today at the ADDA in the morning and tomorrow, Friday, also in the afternoon, at the premises located on Avenida Jijona, number 5.

To access the event it will be necessary to show the COVID passport and an official document proving identity in compliance with health regulations. Other security measures will also be applied, such as the mandatory use of a mask. The auditorium will open its doors 45 minutes before the start of the gala.

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