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Joaqun Ganga, the young man from Murcia who is sweeping by tattooing rappers and NBA stars


On the right, Joaqun Ganga tattooing LeBron James. On the left, walking through Beverly Hills.IG: @gangatattoo
  • Art This is the largest tattoo in the world and it is the work of a Murcian
  • Interview The rebellious daughter of a Murcian priest who fell in love with her coach after breaking up with her husband and who has won six Grammys

As a child he scribbled in school notebooks, as a teenager He earned a few euros decorating the facades of the shops in his town with graffiti, el Palmar, a district of 20,000 inhabitants of Murcia Capital. Now as an adult Celebrities such as LeBron James, the rapper Drake or the boxer Canelo line up at his Los Angeles studio so that this clapping born in 1991 transform your clients’ ink and memories into works of art that they wear on their skin.

One of the particularities that make Ganga’s work special is the extremely realistic style of his tattooswhose finishes resemble high-contrast black-and-white photographs more than an illustration.

to lebrontattoo on the thigh a composition with some of the most iconic faces of horror movies such as Jason and Freddy Kruger with a high level of detail. To the boxer Canelo (19 world titles) he wrote a sentence and drew a heart reproducing the calligraphy of the Mexican boxer grandmother. To the Puerto Rican singer, Anuel, he wrote a phrase on his neck and to the reggaeton player, Nicky Jam, he tattooed Michael Jordan doing a mate.

However, one of his most complex works and attests the rapper’s torso and back Lil Uzi Vert (17 million followers on Instagram) who the murciano covered with samuri warrior helmets covered headdresses with snakes and dragons.

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A select portfolio of clients whose imprint, on some occasions, it is also reflected on the skin of Joaquín himself, who asks them to tattoo some small detail or motif as a souvenir. In this way, the rapper Post Malone, one of his most regular clients, left his initials and a heart on his right ankle or LeBron James himself drew a crown on his wrist.

“I have no way to express how grateful I am to see how people I have admired for so long trust my work, i feel truly blessed and I can only thank you for everything, this has just begun.

Thank you very much @kingjames [el nombre de usuario de LeBron en Instagram] for the opportunity, it is an honor to wear the crown tattooed by the king“, assured the young man in his social networks.

A giant Dali tattoo

One of the milestones that contributed to his rise to fame occurred in 2018, when painted the largest tattoo in the world (195 x 135 centimeters) in synthetic leather that was manufactured ad hoc in a laboratory in Poland.

“I started tattooing it underneath, on the lip, and I said to myself: ‘I do not follow’. It was very dirty.” I was thinking at the time. But, after three weeks of work, I achieved the goal of finishing metamorphosis.

Dal's Giant Tattoo
Dal’s giant tattoo with Joaqun Ganga.JOAQUIN LUNA

A work that has captured the interest of collectors and art galleries for which They have even offered him up to $150,000.. However, the young man from Murcia has always refused to sell it.

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“When my clients are no longer alive and neither am I, you will be able to see this painting,” he presumed in statements to El Mundo after presenting his work. “It is the evolution of the tattoo: you will be able to see what is being done at that time and what was being done in these times”, he assured hopefully.

Life in Los Angeles

Thanks to his famous portfolio of clients, Joaqun has reached a high standard of living more than 9,000 kilometers from his native Murcia. Go there enjoy the Los Angeles Lakers games at the foot of the track with artists like Dominic Ciambronedrive a brand new Lamborgini and runs one of the most prestigious tattoo studios in all of California.

However, the young man has not forgotten his Mediterranean origins and has turned his hometown, El Palmar, into a reference in the world of tattoos at a European level. There he runs another studio, which also functions as a school for tattoo artists, with clients from all over the world.

A place very close to where he began his path to success as a body artist. And it all started when, at the age of 17, used the money that the owners of a greengrocer had paid him to paint their façade to buy his first tattoo machine.

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