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Jodi Montgomery: Britney Spears’ father spent more than 1.5 million euros from his daughter on her defense to maintain guardianship | People

In Britney Spears’ struggle to regain control of her life and get rid of the guardianship imposed 13 years ago – and held by her father – the singer’s administrator, Jodi Montgomery, seems willing to continue fighting the battle with the artist . This Friday Montgomery presented some documents in which he has attacked the artist’s father, Jamie Spears, assuring that it is “ironic” that his father “wants the guardianship to ‘reflect his wishes’ [en referencia a la cantante pop]as it is no secret that Mrs. Spears has wanted her father out of her life for years. ” This is how the American website collects it TMZ, who has had access to documents presented by Montgomery’s attorney, Lauriann Wright, and other outlets such as the Daily Mail British and People. According to the brief, Jamie Spears spent “more than two million dollars from his daughter” (about 1.7 million euros) in his own defense to retain command of the guardianship.

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In his allegation, presented in front of a court in Los Angeles, California, Montgomery denies that she is making decisions without having Jamie Spears, as he suggests, since all those that involve the use of the singer’s funds go through him and that “everything costs money.” “Expenses cannot be made without going through Mr. Spears,” he continues in the document, adding: “Not all requested expenses have been approved, which has raised some of the concerns raised by Mrs. Spears on June 23, 2021 “. On that date, the singer asked the judge for the end of the legal guardianship imposed in 2008. “I’m not happy, I can’t sleep. I am very angry and depressed. I cry every day, “said the artist at the time before Judge Brenda Penny. The guardianship imposed in 2008 allows the artist’s father to manage a fortune that exceeds 60 million dollars, about 50 million euros and receive 16,000 dollars a month (13,432 euros) as a salary while limiting his daughter’s spending to 2,000 dollars (1,680 euros).

Last Wednesday, according to People, Montgomey filed a petition for a tutor to suit, -designated by a court to best satisfy the interests of the ward- to assist the singer in choosing her lawyer without having to undergo a medical evaluation. A request that came after the singer’s so far lawyer, Sam Ingham, and his firm submitted their resignation and requested the appointment of a new defense. In the documents presented to the court, Montgomery also refers to this fact, ensuring that Britney Spears does not agree with Ingham’s request that her departure take effect at the time the court chooses a new lawyer. “After 13 years of guardianship, she wants to choose her own attorney without further medical evaluation,” he states in the brief.

Ingham is not the only person who has parted ways with the singer in recent weeks. Earlier this week, Larry Rudolph, who had been her manager for 25 years, was leaving office claiming that Spears intends to retire from music. In addition, Bessemer Trust, the investment fund that together with his father, Jamie, co-supervises Spears’ estate, has asked to depart from his legal guardianship to “respect” the wishes of the artist.


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