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Joe Biden appoints the first indigenous woman to head the Secretary of the Interior

His choice would also correspond with Biden’s publicized intention to constitute the most diverse cabinet in the history of the White House.

Deb Haaland, nominated by Biden for secretariat
Deb Haaland, nominated by Biden for Home Secretary.
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President-elect Joe Biden announced Thursday the formation of the team that will address the “existential threat” of climate change and that includes the legislator. Deb Haaland, who is expected to become the first Indian in US history to head a secretariat, and former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, in charge of Energa.

Biden chose Haaland, 60, as home secretary. In 2018, this member of the Laguna Pueblo community was elected representative to Congress for New Mexico. In a statement, Biden further confirmed his intention to appoint former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm as Secretary of Energy, and Michael Regan, an African-American who served in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, as head of the Agency for Energy. United States Environmental Protection (EPA).

“This brilliant, innovative and proven team is ready from day one to face the existential threat of climate change.”Biden said. If confirmed by the Senate, Haaland will be the first American Indian to lead a government cabinet portfolio. His choice would also correspond with Biden’s publicized intention to constitute the most diverse cabinet in the history of the White House.

Haaland “has spent his career fighting for families, including those in tribal nations, rural communities and communities of color,” the president-elect said Thursday. His appointment is a “historic” moment for the United StatesFormer Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wrote on Twitter. The Department of the Interior is a large agency of more than 70,000 employees that oversees the nation’s natural resources, including national parks, oil and gas sites, as well as native lands, home to 578 federally recognized tribes.

Haaland was especially dedicated in Congress to improving services for native communities, such as assistance during the coronavirus pandemic, which greatly affected indigenous families, and efforts to protect nature and mitigate climate change. “It would be a great honor to advance the Biden-Harris climate agenda, help mend intergovernmental relations with the tribes that the Trump administration has marred, and serve as the first Native American secretary of the cabinet in our nation’s history.” Haaland said in a statement published in ‘The New York Times’.

Biden also appointed Michael Regan, a top North Carolina environmental regulator, to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Regan, an African-American, worked for the EPA under the governments of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Collaborate in the realization of Biden’s ambitious climate change plans, which promote the adoption of clean energy and higher standards of fuel efficiency in cars and trucks. Biden’s transition team did not publicly confirm any of these designations. But Haaland was congratulated by several colleagues in Congress on her historic nomination.

This choice of Biden is seen, however, as a difficult decision since it will lose him a Democrat in the House of Representatives at a time when the majority of the party is hanging by a thread. But a public campaign in support of Haaland’s appointment gained ground and dozens of tribal leaders asked Biden to join her cabinet.

“A real change”

Haaland’s nomination represents “a historic and unprecedented day for all indigenous peoples,” said Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez. It is “a clear message” that Biden “is committed to addressing past mistakes and clearing the way for real change and opportunity for tribal nations.” Haaland easily won his re-election in November and, despite the fact that the seat has been in Democratic hands since 2009, it is not clear whether it will be easy to win it again. During the administration of Donald Trump, the Department of the Interior earned the contempt of native groups and defenders of the environment by the repeal of several protections.

The Republican Administration also accelerated projects like the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, which Native Americans and environmental advocates had vehemently opposed. Haaland posted a harsh criticism of Trump on Twitter on Thursday, before news of his likely nomination emerged. “Trump failed indigenous power and only broke more promises “, he wrote. “That was exacerbated by the administration’s refusal to take this pandemic seriously. Looking forward to turning the page of this dark chapter,” he added. Biden has already appointed most of his cabinet, including Antony Blinken as secretary of state and Janet Yellen to head the Treasury. The highest-ranking position that remains unfilled is that of attorney general of the United States.

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