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Joe Biden declared victorious in Georgia as Donald Trump’s legal offensive continues to fail

Friday, November 20, 2020 – 21:08

The Democrat receives as an unexpected ‘gift’ of his 78th birthday the certification of the results in this state

Trump representatives (left) watch the ballot count in ...

Trump representatives (left) watch the ballot count in Wisconsin.
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    Rudy Giuliani accuses George Soros of conspiring with Democrats to give election victory to Joe Biden

Joe Biden received an unexpected gift for his 78th birthday this Friday. The announcement, by Georgia Secretary of State Republican Brad Raffensperger, that he was going to certify the results of the November 3 election, meaning that the Democratic candidate has won the presidential elections in this state. Once Raffensperger – who has even received death threats from supporters of Donald Trump – carries out the certification, it goes to the governor of the state, also Republican Brian Kemp, who must sign it, in what is a mere administrative procedure, tomorrow Saturday at the latest.

But Biden’s gift is, like almost everything in this election, provisional. The Republican Party can ask the courts to prevent certification. That is an option that the Trump campaign has employed widely to date, to no avail. Today, the president’s legal team has filed 22 litigation in the states of Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Of these, the Justice has dismissed or agreed with Biden’s defenders in 18. Four other cases have not yet been decided by the judges.

But, even if Biden is called the winner, given the narrow margin of his victory, the loser can ask for a second recount. This week the first recount of the votes was concluded, which reduced Biden’s lead from 14,200 to 12,600 votes. A new count will be carried out with machines that read the ballots, and, according to all the analysts, will not change the result of the elections.

With that unmitigated judicial disaster, both the Trump team and the president himself have decided to take their campaign to the court of public opinion. In the past 48 hours, Trump has sent four emails headed “The left hates you.” On Thursday, the head of Trump’s legal advisory team, Rudy Giuliani, gave a press conference in which he reiterated that there has been fraud, although he could not present any evidence of it.

At the same event, the attorney for General Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser forced to resign for his involvement in the ‘Russian plot’, Sidney Powell, declared: “What we are seeing is the massive influence of communist money to through Cuba, Venezuela, and possibly China and interference in our elections in the United States. ” The press conference, however, will be remembered for the horrifying episode of Giuliani’s head dripping hair dye down his cheeks and chin, in images that will go down in the annals of the history of the public image of politicians, in the section ‘Things to avoid at any cost’.

Trump’s legal strategy It seems, therefore, to be falling in the same direction as Giuliani’s hair care. Perhaps the clearest example of this is that of the lawyer’s son, Andrew, who is an official in the White House with Trump, and who declares on his Twitter account that he is “special adviser to President Donald J. Trump until January 20. 2021 “, that is, the day on which, by law, the new president must be sworn in.

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