Sunday, September 26

Joe Biden: Former Vice President’s Critique of Trump’s “Irresponsible” Denial of His Defeat (And What Strategy Is The President Now Following)

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Joe Biden said that “the vast majority” of Americans believe the election was “legitimate.”

The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, condemned this Thursday the refusal of President Donald Trump to accept defeat in the presidential elections on November 3, considering that this has sent the world: “A horrible message about who we are as a country “.

The Democrat said that Trump has shown “incredible irresponsibility” in rejecting the results that gave him the victory since last November 7.

Trump has taken legal action, as he points out that there was electoral fraud, but so far his complaints have not proven to be founded. All but one of Trump’s challenges have made no real progress.

He has also invited state legislators to the White House, which could signal a possible change in tactics.

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