Wednesday, December 2

Joe Biden surpasses five million votes ahead of Donald Trump

The president-elect of the USA, Joe Biden, on Wednesday surpassed 5 million votes ahead of Donald Trump in last week’s elections, while the outgoing president tried to delegitimize his victory and used the power of the federal government as a weapon.

With 77.4 million ballots in his favor compared to the 72.3 million that Trump accumulates, Biden further expanded his margin of victory, which makes him the most voted presidential candidate in history.

Those votes also make him President-elect under the Electoral College system, according to the forecasts of the mainstream media, which made the projection when it became clear that Biden had an insurmountable advantage in the number of states enough to guarantee him the Presidency.

Hand count in Georgia and Alaska for Trump

Trump, sin embargo, has refused to admit defeat and he has denounced electoral fraud without evidence, with a legal strategy that has little prospect of success, as his main advisers privately acknowledge.

The mandatary the three delegates from Alaska signed up this Wednesday in the Electoral College, which brings to 217 the number of delegates guaranteed under that system, far from the 270 needed to win.

To overturn Biden’s leadership, which already has 290 delegates, Trump would have to prove fraud in court and reverse the results in not just one, but multiple key states, something extremely unlikely.

The authorities of the state of Georgia, where the media have not yet proclaimed a winner but Biden has an advantage of just 14,000 votes, gave Trump a little good news on Wednesday by announcing that they will do a hand count of the more than 5 million votes cast in the territory.

“That will help build trust.” as a result, said the Secretary of State of that southern state, Brad Raffensperger, at a press conference.

That hand-count, which will have to be completed by November 20, is an unprecedented step in the history of Georgia, a traditionally Republican state, but even if it did result in an unlikely victory for Trump, it would still have a long way to go. reach 270 delegates.

A legal adviser to the Trump campaign, Jenna Ellis, confided in an interview with Fox Business on Wednesday that the lawsuits can be resolved “over the next two weeks”, before key states have to certify a winner. of the elections.

Trump wields the power of the Government

Given the slim prospects of this legal strategy, Trump has decided also use their power in the federal government to make the transition difficult, ten weeks before the planned replacement that will take place on January 20.

The most alarming step for many was taken by Trump on Tuesday, when he continued his purge of the Pentagon after having fired its head, Mark Esper, on Monday, and went on to place three of his allies in the civilian leadership of the Pentagon.

The move is an attempt to build muscle in the Defense Department and, according to sources consulted by CNN, a retaliation against Esper and his team for opposing a possible premature withdrawal from Afghanistan, which Trump has promised for Christmas.

Rumors in Washington suggest that Trump may be preparing for more layoffs on his national security team, possibly including those of FBI Director Christopher Wray; and the director of the CIA, Gina Haspel.

Cold winds at the CIA and the FBI

The latter received this Tuesday an accolade from the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who met her in Washington, according to CNN; and another prominent conservative senator, John Cornyn.

“Intelligence should not be partisan”Cornyn warned in a tweet, in response to Trump supporters who claim that Haspel has not sufficiently helped the president in his political wars.

Meanwhile, some Democrats are concerned about another move: the transition of Michael Ellis, a Trump-related official on the White House National Security Council, to the National Security Agency (NSA), where he is the new general counsel.

That change means that Ellis is now a civilian government employee, rather than a political official, and makes his firing difficult once Biden comes to power in January, according to Democratic sources consulted by CNN.

Meanwhile, the General Services Administration (GSA), whose director Emily Murphy was nominated by Trump, has not yet certified Biden’s victory, which prevents his team from accessing resources and government agencies to prepare for the transition.

Biden downplayed that fact Tuesday, assuring that you can prepare even without those resources, and this Wednesday he was silent on the subject, because both Trump and he dedicated the day to honor the country’s veterans on the occasion of Veterans Day.

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