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Johnny Depp loses a lawsuit against ‘the Sun’, who accused him of being a violent husband

Monday, November 2, 2020 – 17:01

The actor’s lawyers say they intend to appeal this decision “as perverse as it is disconcerting.”

Johnny Depp, photographed during the trial in London.

Johnny Depp, photographed during the trial in London.

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    The Fall of Johnny Depp: Drugs, Relationship Violence, and Poo on the Pillow

American actor Johnny depp, who was described as a violent husband with his ex-wife Amber Heard by The Sun in 2018, he lost the libel suit against that British tabloid newspaper which, according to the judge, wrote something “substantially true.”

The 57-year-old movie star who exposed his drug excesses and extravagant lifestyle to public scrutiny in this high-stakes trial intends to appeal this decision “as perverse as it is disconcerting”his lawyers claimed. “The sentence is so wrong that it would be ridiculous if Mr. Depp did not appeal,” said Jenny Afia of the Schillings cabinet in London.

The actor has a lot to play in this highly mediated case: Judge Andrew Nicol’s verdict threatens to further damage the reputation he sought to clean up. In the magistrate’s opinion, “the defendants have shown that what they published, in the sense that their words have as I understand it, was substantially true.”

“Handcuff beater”

The process, held before the High Court of London, arose as a result of an April 2018 headline in which The Sun wondered how the British writer JK Rowling could take this “wife beater” in the movie “Fantastic Beasts”.

During the three weeks of hearings in July, Depp struggled to prove that he had never hit Heard despite the violent relationship between the couple, who were married from 2015 to 2017.

The protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” assured that the phrase written by the English newspaper had damaged his image in Hollywood, endangering his career. Therefore, it sued the publisher News Group Newspapers (NGN) group and its executive director, Dan Wootton.

Johnny Depp was going to reprise next year the role of the evil Gellert Grindelwad in “Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them”, a sequel to the magical universe of Harry Potter, but this case has put his participation in the film in question.

“The verdict is not a surprise”

“Victims of spousal violence should never have to remain silent,” said a spokesman for The Sun who thanked the judge as well as the actress for “her courage in testifying in court.”

“This verdict is not a surprise,” said Heard’s lawyers, assuring that he now wants to “obtain justice” in another pending defamation case in the United States. NGN based its defense on 14 alleged cases of abuse from Depp to Heard, which they describe in great detail during the process.

And I managed to convince the judge, even though Depp’s lawyer went out of his way to present the actress as the true violent of the couple and a “compulsive liar” who had for years fabricated a case against the actor to boost his career.

The judge “ignored the mountain of evidence against (Heard) by police officers, medical personnel, his own ex-aide, other undisputed witnesses, and a host of documentary evidence that completely dismantled the allegations, point by point “Afia denounced.

Drug problems

The case, called “the largest libel trial of the 21st century in England”, brought out the dirtiest rags of the tumultuous marriage between Depp and Heard. The court heard lurid stories of drug abuse, feces in the marriage bed, suspicions of infidelity, and a severed finger with a bottle during a violent fight.

Acknowledging abusing drugs and alcohol, the actor assured that in his years of marriage with Heard he was using so much that he was “in no condition” to hurt the 34-year-old model and movie star.

And that he had never laid his hand on a woman, a claim supported by the written testimonies of his ex-partners Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder.

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