Thursday, November 26

Johnny Depp loses his lawsuit against abuser charge

A judge of the High Court of London has rejected the complaint for libel by actor Johnny Depp against a British newspaper that described him as abusing his wife, Amber Heard, in the sentence of a case that captured the attention of the British public after the end of the spring confinement. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star alleged that his alleged violence was an invention of his ex-wife to hide his own violent behavior.

The lawsuit against ‘The Sun’ was justified by the publication of an article in which the newspaper, owned by the magnate Rupert Murdoch and part of the group that includes ‘The Times’, reproached the writer JK Rowling for accepting Depp, a ‘wife beater’, as one of the protagonists of the series ‘Fantastic animals’, based on one of his books derived from the Harry Potter saga.

The actor has also sued Heard for an article he published in ‘The Washington Post’, in December 2018, in which, without naming him, he exposed his ideas and his experiences of trauma and abuse. The actress has responded with another lawsuit, for 85 million euros, including the accusation that her ex-husband has promoted the creation of accounts on social networks that insult and harass her, and requests to prevent her from participating in the second installment of Aquaman. face of the firm ‘L’Oreal.

Hearings of the case over three weeks in July revealed the evolution of the romance between Depp and Heard since they met on the set of ‘The Rum Diary’ in 2011. He was 48 and she was 25. “It was like dating a king, for his fame and his way of life, “said the actress about her first year of relationship. “It was as if we were the only inhabitants of the planet.”


At the time of the separation, in 2016, she informed family, friends and collaborators that she was suffering frequent assaults – up to 14 episodes – and he reproached her for having defecated in her bed, a disgusting and inconceivable act, according to Heard, who blamed their dog, who would have developed an incontinence problem after swallowing a ball of cannabis owned by her ex-husband.

In the London High Court tragicomedy, the protagonists tried to avoid their rival’s role. The established actor admitted that he used drugs “in industrial quantities”, but insisted on being, with the endorsement of his ex-partners – Vanessa Paradis or Winona Ryder -, a gentleman; and not ‘The Monster’, his other personality, to which he attributed his bad actions when he conversed peacefully, according to Heard.

The actress confessed that her father had also suffered from addictions and that he was violent towards her mother, and despite that she loves him. He denied the nine adulteries with his delivery partners, or with the electric car businessman, Elon Musk, who Depp reproached him for. He denied that she was violent. He didn’t cut the tip of a finger by throwing a bottle of vodka at him, he said. He cut it off by ripping a phone out of the wall.

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