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Johnny Ventura: They share images of the moment when he arrives decomposed at the hospital

Johnny Ventura died of a fatal heart attack.

Photo: Johnny Ventura / Courtesy

Two days after the sad death of Johnny ventura, ‘Despierta América’ interviewed the doctors who received him in hospital emergencies, and they share images of the moment when he arrives at the hospital decomposed.

It was a very difficult situation, we received Don Johnny at 2:25 in the afternoon, and immediately our team that was there proceeded to treat him“, Explained one of the doctors with an almost broken voice, and not because of a lack of professionalism, but because of what the ‘Caballo Mayor’ meant for the entire Dominican Republic, especially for the people of her city, Santiago de los Caballeros.

In the images shared by the Univision morning show, you can see when the van arrives at the door of the clinic and they run down the driver and another person who seat Johnny Ventura unconscious in the wheelchair.

Actually, he was not only unconscious, but had already passed away, as this was confirmed by the doctors who attended him, that for 45 minutes they tried their best to revive him but nothing worked, so they suspect that his heart attack was sudden.

But, How did this start? What happened to him? Why did he arrive at the hospital already dead?

“The symptom he had prior to arrival was chest pain, he told his companion (Jochy Sánchez) that he felt bad, after having lunch, and had chest pain and collapsed within a few minutes“Explained the doctor.

That is why all the doctors assume that, based on the story, death was suddenTherefore, in those 45 minutes in which trying to revive them, it was impossible for a simple reason: he had already died.

“For me it was really difficult, I went down to attend cardiac arrest, and when I found myself in front of him and realized that he was Don Johnny Ventura it was quite difficult and more in the situation that arrived. We tried everything to revive him, but we had no answers“Explained the director of the hospital where the singer was taken.

The question of many is whether this was surprising or the ‘Big Horse’ already had a heart condition, to which the doctors assured that eThe only antecedent that Don Ventura had was long-term hypertension, but it was controlled with drugs.

Remember that on July 28 we were all surprised by the news of Johnny’s sad death Ventura of a heart attack. The singer, who was 81 years old, was doing what he liked the most, music, when death surprised him.

As one of his seven children, Jandy, explained in ‘Despierta América’, was doing exercises and diet because he wanted to start a concert tour by 7 cities in the United States, and was recording a song with Carlos Vives.

This next Saturday will be the farewell of Johnny Ventura with access to the public, and then he will receive the holy burial surrounded by his family and his closest circle of friends.


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