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Johnson Aims To Break Thatcher’s Record With Another Decade In Power: Reports | Boris johnson

Reports that Boris Johnson has ambitions for another decade in power as his goal is to surpass Margaret Thatcher’s 11-year tenure at number 10 have been met with dismay.

The Times reported that Johnson wanted to build a legacy. A cabinet member reportedly told the newspaper: “Boris will want to go on and on. Sun things [Dominic Cummings] I was saying that he left at sunset was silly. It is very competitive. He wants to outlast Thatcher. “

Cummings, Johnson’s former senior adviser, had said Johnson planned to resign two years after the next general election, to “make money and have fun.”

Johnson shared his speech for the 2024 election in an article published in the Times, saying that conservative plans to “level up” British society would take 10 years. The many-repeated promise has been criticized by a group of parliamentarians from all parties for lacking definition and coordination.

With echoes of the 2019 election, during which the Conservatives’ mantra was to “make Brexit,” Johnson seems likely to frame the upcoming election around Britain’s relationship with the European Union. In an excerpt from an upcoming book by FT journalist Sebastian Payne, the Times quotes Johnson as saying that the UK would “fall again” to follow the bloc’s regulations under a Labor government.

News of the prime minister’s optimistic vision to extend his term follows a slide in polls after the government announced a manifesto-shattering tax increase. A YouGov poll showed that support for the Conservatives fell five points to 33%, while Labor rose one point to 35%, putting the party ahead of the government for the first time since January.

Scottish National Party Westminster leader Ian Blackford used the prime minister’s hopes of another decade in power to emphasize his party’s bid for Scottish independence, saying it was “the only way to keep Scotland safe. of the long-term damage of conservative cuts, and 10 more years of Boris Johnson. ” He said the prime minister had “inflicted long-term damage to Scotland”, listing the costs of Brexit, cuts to universal credit and increased national insurance contributions.

Huddersfield Labor and Cooperative MP Barry Sheerman also raised concerns about the idea of ​​another 10 years for Johnson in power. tweeting: “All of us who believe in a decent, honest and principled policy, we had better do something to thwart this ambition.”

A Labor spokesman said: “We remind conservatives that it is the public who can choose how long the prime minister serves.”

The Conservative Party’s fall in the polls follows the government’s decision to push for a 1.25% increase in national insurance contributions, which will be charged to employers and employees to fund health and social care, breaking the commitment of the party’s 2019 manifesto not to increase VAT, revenue. tax or national insurance. Johnson acknowledged that the measure broke the promise, defending the decision saying that “a global pandemic was not in our manifesto either.”

Labor opposed the increase in national insurance. Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves said she put the cost on younger workers, while those who “derive their income from financial assets, stocks and shares” face no additional tax burdens. Keir starmer outstanding How the plans would lead to workers bearing the cost: “Johnson’s tax increase means that a homeowner who owns and rents dozens of properties won’t pay a penny more, but full-time tenants will. They are beating young, low-paid workers while leaving the rich intact. “

The Institute for Fiscal Studies also warned that “an ever-growing NHS budget could absorb all of this week’s tax increase, leaving little for social care.”

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