Friday, October 22

Johnson calls Scottish autonomy a “disaster”

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Scotland’s autonomy has been “a disaster” and one of Tony Blair’s “biggest mistakes”. This was stated by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, during a meeting held yesterday Monday night with a group of about 60 Conservative MPs from the north of England. The meeting, which took place virtually since the “premier” is in quarantine after having been in contact last Thursday with a deputy who tested positive for Covid-19, was intended for Johnson to listen to a sector that claims to feel “neglected” by the “Tory” leader. Johnson, who detailed that he sees no reason to give more power to the regions, made the remarks just after former MP Kirstene Hair accused him of considering only London in his policies and plans, to the detriment of Scotland and other areas of the United Kingdom. .

“Autonomy has not been a disaster. The constant obsession of the SNP (the Scottish National Party) with another referendum, over work, education, and everything else, has been a disaster, “Scottish Tory MP Douglas Ross replied on his Twitter account. The Chief Minister of Scotland also responded on the social network, Nicola Sturgeon, saying that “these comments by the Prime Minister should be highlighted for the next time the Conservatives say that they are not a threat to the powers of the Scottish Parliament or, what is even more incredible, that they support the delegation of more powers. The only way to protect and strengthen the Scottish Parliament is with independence, “he said.

Johnson’s words were also criticized from the opposition. Thus, Labor Ian Murray stated that autonomy is one of the most notable achievements of his party and considered that Scotland is right now caught between “two governments obsessed with division.” “This confirms that Boris Johnson does not believe in autonomy and that it would put the future of the UK at risk,” he said, noting that “we will always fight for a strong Scotland in the UK.” Anas Sarwar, also from the Labor Party, tweeted: ‘Boris Johnson has been a disaster, not autonomy. The truth is that he is the biggest threat to the UK. In the midst of a pandemic, when people’s lives and livelihoods are at risk, both governments should focus on bringing people together and helping us overcome this crisis.

Johnson’s statements came just before the Scottish Conservative Congress was held next weekend, and before the population goes to the polls for the next Scottish regional elections in May 2021. Downing Street sources tried to soften their words, explaining that the ‘premier’s’ comments referred to the mismanagement of the Scottish National Party. “The Prime Minister has always supported autonomy, but Tony Blair could not foresee the rise of separatists in Scotland“Said the source, adding that” autonomy is great, but not when separatists and nationalists use it to divide the UK. “

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