Tuesday, March 21

Johnson promises to continue fighting while the Labor leader calls his legislature a “pathetic show”


The British Prime Minister appears before the House of Commons after the four resignations of Conservative ministers in the last 24 hours


Updated at 3:12 p.m.

Boris Johnson He appeared this Wednesday morning before the British deputies to defend his continuity in a position that is increasingly hanging by a thread, after an avalanche of resignations in protest against the legitimacy of the controversial prime minister, sifted by scandals.

On Tuesday night, the health ministers, Sajid Javidand Finance, Rishi Sunak, two heavyweights of the British Government, announced almost at the same time their respective resignations, as a result of the incessant scandals that surround Johnson and his executive. Both have been the hardest political blow to date against Johnson, who a month ago already barely avoided a motion of censure promoted by his own colleagues. They were followed by a dozen other lower-ranking members of the government, in a bloodletting that continued on Wednesday with four new resignations. Among them, that of the Minister of Childhood and Family, William Fifteenand the Housing, Stuart Andrew.

In the first place, the British ‘premier’ replied that he was very sorry that Chris Pincher, accused of sexual misconduct, continued in government until last week. He then confronted the Labor leader Keir Starmer, who said that the resignation of the ministers was a case of “sinking ships fleeing from the rat”. Starmer, has denounced that the ‘Tories’ have become “a corrupt party that defends the indefensible”, while criticizing the ministers who resigned for not having done so before and showing that they lack “some integrity”.

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“The problem starts at the top”

For his part, former Conservative minister Javid explained that the scandals of recent months have made it increasingly difficult to serve under Boris Johnson. ‘Enough is enough’, he said, ‘it makes me very sad to see how the next generation is going to see the Conservative Party.’ “The problem starts at the top and that is not going to change”Javid said in clear reference to Johnson. In the same vein, he launched a withering attack on the British prime minister’s leadership, telling both him and his party colleagues that it was time for him to resign.

Just a few minutes before, an enthusiastic Johnson had promised to keep fighting on the job, as well as trust in being able to still count on the support of its secondary parliamentarians despite the wave of resignations and public declarations of mistrust regarding his leadership.

Johnson’s press officer also stated that the ‘premier’ would challenge another vote of confidence if carried out, and insisted that last month’s vote was “clear and decisive”. When asked if the prime minister hopes to have the support of his deputies, he simply answered a resounding: “Yes.”


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