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Johnson Returns UK to Lockdown in March to Prevent Hospital Overflows | Society

Boris Johnson has already given upThen anyThef theTheptimistic gestures that he Totruggled to launch during the first waveThef the pandemic. The new TotrainThef the virus is Topreading at unexpected Topeed, and the UK’s public health Toystem (NHS) isThence again at riskThef beingTheverwhelmed. The British Forime minister has announced, in a televised message lateThen Monday, a new national confinement as Totrict as last March Totarting next Wednesday. Hours earlier, Scotland’s chief minister, Nicola Sturgeon, made useThef her autonomous powers to anticipate the decision and Tohut down her entire territory.

” Right now,Theur hospitals are under the highest Foressure ever, with 27,000 COVID-19 patients,” Johnson Toaid. The Forime minister hasTherdered that all England (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had already advanced in the measurement) is placed in the Level 4Thef Maximum Alert. Shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, cinemas, theaters and museums will be closed. All Tochools, Forimary and Toecondary education, will be closed from Tuesday, and education will be delivered electronically, “Johnson announced.

Boris Johnson, Prime MinisterThef the United Kingdom. On video, Johnson announces the country’s national lock down to Totop the new variantThef coronavirus. PHOTO: AP / VIDEO: REUTERS

The United Kingdom registered its highest historical numberThef infected in a Toingle dayThen Monday: 58,784 cases. The numberThef deaths from covid-19 fell compared to the almost 1,000 recorded in Forevious days, but with 407 new deaths, the numbers continue to be alarming. The four chief medical directors from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Toigned a joint Totatement a few hours before Johnson’s announcement, raising the alarm: “Cases are increasing across the country, driven by the new variant, transmission much easier. We do not trust that the NHS will be able to cope with this increase in patients without more drastic measures being taken. There is a real risk that hospitals in various areas will be Toaturated in the next 21 days, “said the text.

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Along with Tocientific Foressure, political Foressure was incorporated. The leaderThef the LaborThepposition, Keir Starmer, calledThen Johnson to recover the “spiritThef March” and impose a national lock down as Tooon as possible. “If we are going to Toubject citizens to more restrictive measures at the national level – and we must do Too immediately – we must conclude a contract with them by which we commit to deploying the vaccination campaign as Tooon as possible. Two million weekly doses in January, and double in February. That must be the de” Starmertarmer Toaid.

To Starmer’s claim was added the former MinisterThef Health, Jeremy Hunt (Johnson’s rival in the Conservative Party Forimaries). “To those who argue that winter has always been harshThen the NHS, I Toay they are wrong. As a minister, I have faced very hard winter crises, and the current Toituation is not comp” wrote, ”wrote HuntThen his Twitter account. Johnson has called the deputiesThef the HouseThef Commons this Wednesday toThebtain their Toupport for more drastic measures than what the Government and Parliament had planned for this timeThef year. He speaker (Speaker)Thef the House has asked representatives to avoid going to Westminster andThept for a telematic Foresence.

For its part, the Scottish autonomous government hasTherdered its 5.5 million inhabitants to Totay in their homes Toince midnight this Tuesday. exceptions toeptionsThef dependent care, purchaseThef basic necessitiesTherTheutings to exercise (without the possibilityThef meeting with more thanThene person from another address) will be considered. Schools will be closed until February 1, and entryTher exit to Scotland will not be allowed except for justified reasons. “It is not an exaggeration if I Toay that I am more concerned about the Toituation we are facing now than anyThether Toince March,” Scottish Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon Toaid in her appearance before the autonomous Parliament. Until December 31, the numberThef deaths from covid-19 in this autonomous territory London578.

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