Thursday, December 9

Johnson Warns Brits of Troubled Christmas

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his speech at the Conservative Party congress in Manchester on Wednesday.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his speech at the Conservative Party congress in Manchester on Wednesday.

Boris Johnson warns the British that there will be difficulties at transition time what he called an economy of “High speed and high preparation”. Your Government, said in the closing speech of the Conservative Party Conference, “has the guts” to tackle the economic and social problems that previous conservative and Labor administrations have not had the courage to address.

With him, the United Kingdom “Has embarked on a long-needed change in direction in the economy,” what it supposes “Never use the same uncontrolled immigration method again, keeping wages low. It is not using immigration as an excuse for not investing in people, in training, and in equipment and machinery ”. Johnson blames companies for the immediate problems the country is experiencing such as queues at gas stations, supply shortage that augurs some Troubled Christmas.

Level the differences

Employers request visas of at least five years for foreign workers, But the prime minister insisted on reducing the immigrant labor force, to replace it with better conditions and higher wages, so that British would fill the jobs. He spoke of his plan to raise the standard of living uplevelling up) of the most disadvantaged classes with investments in certain regions of the country.

“There is no reason why someone should be geographically condemned to be poorer than others,” he said, willing to retain the vote in the upcoming elections of the former Labor militants who supported him in 2019.

The apparent desire to improve the lives of the most vulnerable coincides with the elimination since Wednesday of the aid of 20 pounds per week (Universal Credit) that 6 million British in dire need, they had been receiving during the pandemic. The Government recalls that the measure was always provisional, but the Labor Party and the NGOs warn that for those affected this cut supposes the suppression of 3% of their diminished income and leads them to poverty, at a time when it increases inflation, with an increase in the price of food and electricity.

With my back to reality

Johnson’s intervention put an end to four days that have shown to what extent the current government lives with its back to reality. One thing has been the speeches and statements in the bubble from Manchester and another very different what is happening in the street. The ministers have avoided the immediate problems that are teasing the country.

In their speeches they have ignored the queues at service stations, the rise in the price of gas and electricity, or the increase in taxes. Not even the head of Rural Affairs, George Eustice, mentioned the situation created by the lack of killers that is forcing the pig incineration. Battleships in the ideological defense of Brexit, the Interior Minister, Priti Patel, rejoiced that he has put on end to freedom of movement and charged the lawyers defending asylum seekers.

Along the same lines, the person in charge of Justice, Dominic Raab, recently dismissed from the Foreign Ministry, promised end the Human Rights Law that “very often”, he affirmed, serves to cover up dangerous criminals. The head of Brexit, David Frost, congratulated that the country has left behind “the long nightmare of belonging to the European Union” and threatened again to suspend the Protocol for Northern Ireland.

The penalties suffered by citizens are due according to the Executive’s message to a “Readjustment period” indeterminate, but the future of the UK is bright. “Despite the challenges, in the long term, the agility, flexibility and freedom that Brexit has given us will have much more value in the economy of the 21st century than proximity to the market (of the European Union),” said the head of Finance, Risi Sunak. At some point, the Johnson administration will have to come down from the cloud.

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