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Jomari Goyso reveals how many pounds she has lost since she returned to Miami

The fashion and beauty specialist Jomari Goyso revealed on her Instagram account how many pounds she has lost since she returned to Miami, after having spent the December holidays in Spain with his family.

During Jomari Goyso’s stay at home, she gained a few pounds after enjoying the food, especially the food her mother prepared. On his Instagram account, where the fashion and beauty specialist enjoys having more than 2.2 million followers, he constantly shared the foods he tasted and their preparation processes.

“Happy Monday!!!! Yes, I have lost 9 pounds already!!! If that #detoxbylia and #waterpillbylia help me a lot BUT EVERY DAY I exercise and eat healthy!! (Not like at my mother’s house)”, Goyso wrote next to the video in which he is seen running on the treadmill while using weights.

While he was in Spain, Goyso shared a lot of content for his followers and showed part of his life in his native country. As for the food, the Spaniard showed how different delicious preparations were made in his home: the traditional potato omelette, flan, scrambled eggs, olive oil sponge cake and sancocho are some of the meals we saw the Goyso family prepare.

In the publication where the Spaniard talks about losing 9 pounds, they have commented:

“Nothing like some fries and rotten eggsos”, “It is that your mother loves you, rich kitchen”, “God bless you tea I continue you are always a love hugs God bless you and bless you beautiful mom take care of yourself” and “When you go back to your mommy’s house, just boil water for you.”

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After his return to Miami, the fashion and beauty specialist, in addition to having begun to lose pounds, also managed to fulfill one of his greatest dreams and has made one or two comments to Francisca Lachapel about her wardrobe.

Things that are done as a family have a magic that no one can replicate! The grupera queen has a section on her digital platforms called #elpalomazobarbaro in which she sings songs with singers who are her friends, although I’m not a singer, between jokes and challenges she wanted to make my dream of singing with her come true and this time I It touched me!”, Goyso wrote in the publication where he is seen singing a Chayanne song with Ana Bárbara and thus fulfill his dream of singing with one of his closest friends.

While on the other hand he let Francisca Lachapel know that his boots were not entirely to his liking and that she was not “emotionally ready” to listen to his opinions. “You are not emotionally ready to listen to my opinion… it is better that you stay in thought!”, He told her after she published a photograph wearing a dress and boots outfit, which Goyso did not like so much.

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