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Jomari Goyso: “The need to be accepted is great and a natural body is not attractive”

Jomari Goyso He has tried to be very transparent with his audience on social media. That is why he has not hesitated to share the thoughts he now has as a result of his most recent surgery. On this he even spoke at length with Lourdes Stephen, his friend and partner in the host of the program “Sal y Pimienta”.

On Instagram the famous Univision critic wrote: “The need to be accepted is very great and unfortunately a natural body is not attractive in the society we live in. A body processed and surgically transformed, yes, that is why it is everyone’s dream to obtain it. The question that I did not ask myself that day, and should have asked myself, would be this: is it worth losing your life because of the need to feel accepted? When the reality is, the only one that needs to be accepted is you ”.

After this reflection, Jomari Goyso appreciates the prayers of his followers, those of his friends and faithful followers. Then invite those who follow him to listen to his entire podcast where he talks at length about this situation.

The video in addition to being on Spotify is also on YouTube. But for this Without Rodeo, Jomari trusted Lourdes’ hands, because he asserted that only through her questions would he be able to open up to tell his audience the reasons that led him to the hospital.

He admitted that he really didn’t want to share his story, because he was embarrassed to do so. However, to leave him a lesson, he decided to open up to his fans: “I removed two lumps that had come out”, he assured. Of the famous only Luz García and Lourdes Stephen knew why they had had to undergo surgery. Not even his family knew that the Spanish had entered the operating room.

Moreover, the post was uploaded to social networks after having left the operating room. Jomari Goyso revealed that he kept his operation a secret from his entire family. Especially because he did not want his mother to worry about him to the point of being scared sick. He admits that maybe he has no justification, but he did it secretly so as not to scare her.

He underwent surgery, he revealed, because he wanted to be a muscular man. Because although there was already managed to be slim, he found that that was not enough, now he needed muscle. This led him to steroids. “You inject yourself and the muscles grow … and you can’t imagine”, the Spanish counted. Thus he discovered that indeed many people liked to see him like this. And he started to inject more and this led him to put it on his buttocks. Unfortunately the process indicated that she had to take a lot of medications, and she revealed, with shame, that she never asked what those medications were for.

He says that he came to this, having made the decision at the age of 30. And over the years he developed two lumps on his chest. They told her that it was normal and that she was taking pre-cancer drugs for that. This triggered their alarms. The problem was that he injected himself in a bad way, which is why he took him to the hospital because the way he was injecting himself got infected.

Listen to all their revealing conversation here:

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